2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Spotted At Nürburgring

600 Horsepower: A Powerful Machine

I am firmly convinced that all cars ought to feature a rear windshield wiper as either standard or an optional extra–for which reason I am delighted with the news about the Ioniq 5 N, which will include one. Being confined only to the performance version simply does not make sense, so it would seem inevitable that Hyundai is soon likely to make it accessible with the ordinary electric crossover. We recently spotted a prototype of the high-performance N variant undergoing its last testing on a wet day at the Nürburgring.

It has been verifiably established that Hyundai’s first-ever N variant without a traditional engine will see the light of day later this year. The Ioniq 5 appears as more of an enlarged hatchback than usual, with a firmer suspension system bringing it tightly to the pavement. Sportscar esque wheels, bigger brakes, and sadly, the roll cage behind the back seats, unfortunately won’t make production – yet.

Hyundai has already confirmed the Ioniq 5 N won’t be simply a Kia EV6 GT with a few slight modifications, since it will contain numerous parts specially honed by its N Division. As disclosed by Executive Technical Advisor Albert Biermann, the dual-motor build should generate around 600bhp, thus giving it more than 20bhp more than its Kia counterpart. While there’s no word about torque yet, we can remind you that the EV6 GT delivers 564lb-ft (740Nm).

The Ioniq 5 N presents an extra level of substance, and will incorporate simulated shifts due to its button-triggered Virtual Grin Change (VGC) setting. This allows the lively electric SUV to imitate the sensations attained from driving in a double-clutch automated transmission installed i30 N turbocharged hatchback. Furthermore, it has been equipped with the so-called N Sound Plus, a term that is essentially synonymous with fake noise production; this comprises a replicated rev limiter. An individual will have the capacity to add their own invented sounds to the audio system, which will then be amplified through speakers.

What else could one anticipate from the Ioniq 5 N? Hyundai is instituting a special drift regime that will regulate the torque dissemination at each wheel through an electronic rear limited-slip differential, aiding the operator in keeping movement going in a regulated way. Apiece driver will have a selection of Eco, Normal, Sport and N modes – every one comes with its own adherence to throttle response, steering weight as well as damping.

No specifics have been given yet about the range, but with the N model focusing on power it’s conceivable that the high-calibre version won’t be as fuel efficient. As per the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S., the dual-motor Ioniq 5 with all-wheel drive has been rated to cover a distance of up to 256 miles.

Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube

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