Toyota Launches Standalone Ultra-Luxury Model to Compete with Rolls-Royce

Brand expands to global markets with both left- and right-hand-drive options.

Last year, the Toyota Century SUV made its debut as Japan’s response to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. And now, the Century brand will directly challenge the Goodwood-based automaker as its own separate ultra-luxury division, surpassing anything that Lexus has to offer in terms of prestige and extravagance.

Forbes has received confirmation from an undisclosed Toyota representative at the recently concluded Tokyo Auto Salon. The conversation revolved around the absence of the Century GRMN, which is Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda’s personal and customized edition of a luxury SUV, in the Lexus product lineup. The executive affirmed the brand’s upcoming position in the market when asked about this decision.

According to an unnamed executive, “Ah no, the Century will actually be positioned above the Lexus brand as an extra luxurious brand.” This suggests that Toyota may not have wanted this news to be revealed for some time.

As many are already aware, the Toyota Century will soon be available for purchase in countries across the globe. This includes both right- and left-hand-drive nations, with a clear emphasis on regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. During its initial debut, it was revealed that the Century SUV would offer an extensive range of choices and personalized features, making it a truly unique model. The base price for this luxurious vehicle is set at $170,000, however, information from a source cited by Forbes suggests that the options could go even further with the possibility of the Century GRMN variant, fully customized and upgraded, retailing at a price point of approximately $220,000. This special edition may potentially be named the Century Morizo Edition. While not explicitly mentioned, it would make sense for the Century lineup to also include a convertible version for those seeking the ultimate luxury experience.

If Century happens to be a renowned brand, then what will its SUV model be officially referred to as? Will it be simply referred to as an SUV? As per the reliable source, the SUV will simply bear the name ‘Century,’ whereas the three-box variant will be recognized as the ‘Century Sedan.’ This suggests that despite being in production for three generations since 1967, the Century Sedan might not retain its flagship status. Yet, those who have had the privilege of owning one (or desired to) can take solace in the fact that the sedan is seemingly here to stay.

The task ahead lies not in crafting a top-notch product, but in persuading the affluent that the Century’s prized golden phoenix emblem holds equal status to the renowned Flying B or Spirit of Ecstasy. Prestige plays a crucial role in luxury vehicles alongside expert workmanship, yet Japanese companies have overcome perceptions in the past. Perhaps Century can follow suit.

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