2024 Lincoln Nautilus Introduces 4 Fresh Fragrances With Customizable System

2024 Nautilus: Lincoln Digital Scent lets you choose and manage the perfect in-car aroma.

The fresh 2024 Lincoln Nautilus will make its debut this year, boasting a fully revamped SUV design. Upon revealing the Nautilus, Lincoln pledged to provide a serene experience for all senses. A key aspect of achieving this is the inclusion of seven hand-selected scents that can be enjoyed through the customizable fragrance system in the Nautilus. In exciting news, Lincoln has recently expanded this collection by four, offering a total of seven fragrances for passengers to immerse their olfactory system in.

Lincoln understands the research highlighting the influence of our senses on our emotions, as well as our physical and mental health. However, the esteemed brand places special emphasis on the sense of smell, acknowledging its powerful links to memory and feeling. As a result, a Nautilus featuring a pleasant aroma can greatly contribute to crafting an exceptional experience.

Lincoln collaborated with fragrance suppliers, utilizing International Fragrance Association (IFRA)-endorsed scents, to craft this unique experience. These fragrances will be incorporated into the interior of Nautilus cars through the innovative Lincoln Digital Scent function. Accessible through the vehicle’s center stack touchscreen, this advanced system disperses a variety of scented blends within the cabin. Although three initial scents were offered in the collection, Lincoln has since enlarged the assortment to include seven distinct aromas.

The Lincoln Digital Scent function offers a selection of three default scents: Enchanted Woods, Aquamarine Breeze, and Lavender Silk. Lincoln characterizes the Enchanted Woods scent as a natural fusion of woody cedar, with deep hints of patchouli, amber, and tangy yuzu citrus. The Aquamarine Breeze, on the other hand, combines aromatic patchouli and delicate touches of freesia and spices. In contrast, Lavender Silk blends opulent violet, zesty grapefruit, and warm citrus notes.

On the other hand, Lincoln has recently introduced four fresh scents to its collection: Cloud Balsam, Serene Seashore, Twilight Embers, and Sunlight Retreat. The Cloud Balsam infuses rich pine needles, oak moss, crushed Tonka, and creamy vanilla beans, while the Serene Seashore tantalizes with juicy melon, fragrant lily, musk, and tangy lemon notes. As for the Twilight Embers, it brings together patchouli, delicate jasmine, crisp apple, and deep leather undertones in perfect harmony. Finally, the Sunlight Retreat boasts a blend of aromatic Sandalwood, romantic rose, succulent red fruit, and balsamic accents for a truly indulgent experience.

Digital Scent | How-To | Lincoln

Lincoln has revolutionized the way we experience scents with their innovative product, the Digital Scent. This advanced technology utilizes a scent cartridge that is embedded with a microchip to disperse a delightful fragrance into the surrounding environment. Users have the freedom to select their desired scent and adjust the level of dispersion through three different settings. Moreover, they can create distinct profiles that enable them to tailor the scent dispersal according to their preferences. The driver also has the convenience of adjusting the scent strength using intelligent controls.

Surprisingly, Digital Scent cartridges dispense aromas from the central console separately from the air conditioning and heating systems. This allows the driver to control the scent’s presence at their own will. In order for these cartridges to function effectively in varying weather conditions, Lincoln conducted thorough examinations in temperatures as low as -40˚ F and as high as 185˚ F. Clients have the option to buy the Lincoln Digital Scent cartridges on the accessories section of Lincoln.com, through Lincoln Access Rewards, or by using the Nautilus’ in-vehicle QR code.

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