2025 Lincoln Navigator Spied: Nautilus Influence

Comparing Rear Views

Spy photographs have recently been unveiled, revealing that a significant remodeling of the Lincoln Navigator is occurring. This full sized luxury SUV has its body tightly encased in a camouflaging wrap which stops most from seeing what is beneath. Areas of the cars face remain hidden by white coverings, though some hints pointing to the 2024 Nautilus are visible, alluding to its imminent design.

The Navigator flaunts a totally overhauled face with a restyled grille, a new front face, and modified headlights. It’s quite perplexing to pinpoint any marked design details, and any potential relationship with the all-new Nautilus is tough to see in the façade. There aren’t good pics of the inside, but it seems to lack the Nautilus’ 48.0-inch over-the-dash screen as of now. Though this may alter throughout the formative period.

The Navigator’s rear displays its stylistic stamp more markedly. Although only the taillamps’ extremities are visible through the disguise, their pattern agrees entirely with those on the Nautilus, not to mention the higher-set tailgate. Moreover, the back spoiler seems pushed up more prominently, and an ugly exhaust apparently signals the potential arrival of a modified powertrain – although for now, that still remains enigmatic.

The recent Navigator is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine that provides 440 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque combined with the carmaker’s 10-speed auto gearbox. Possibly, Lincoln may bring back the 10 hp missing on their 2022 update, likely reconstituting its output to 450 hp. Furthermore, this might also upgrade the model’s fuel effectiveness numbers.

As yet Lincoln has not provided any details on their EV plan. They have put out a few concept cars that point to an electrified future, but no production EVs have emerged. It appears a given that the Navigator will someday become electric; however, the tested model lacks any peepholes suitable for charging port placement.

Nevertheless, Lincoln may well be developing such a Navigator, looking to challenge its counterpart, the Cadillac Escalade, which is set to release an electric version later during 2021. At the beginning of May, Cadillac briefly unveiled their ‘Escalade IQ’, but did not offer much data. It is expected that GM’s Ultium technology, forming the foundation for the brand’s most recent electric vehicles, will serve as the basis.

As it is unveiled later in 2021, this doesn’t mean that Cadillac will immediately begin manufacturing it, so Lincoln may not feel pressed to hurry up. The lapse of time between a carmaker revealing an electric vehicle and starting its fabrication currently appears longer than ever before.

Lincoln rolled out the fourth instalment of the Navigator in 2018 sparking an increase in sales to more than 17,000. But from 2020 onward, it has seen a slump culminating in 13,206 units sold in 2022. Although the Cadillac Escalade suffered a 40 percent dip in sales compared to 2021, it still managed to double Lincoln’s shipment numbers that year.

It is unknown when precisely Lincoln aims to expose the new Navigator. The SUV had a mid-cycle revamp for this ’22 model year, obtaining fresh styling at both ends and the modern technology underneath. Consequently, we possibly will not get a peek of the remodeled version until early on in the upcoming year when it presents as a 2025 model.

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