Redesigned 2025 Lincoln Aviator: Higher Cost, Fresh Look

Upgraded SUV with upscale design, larger screens, and laser-etched interior options for added luxury.

The appearance of both the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator has been given a facelift. As members of the same SUV family in Ford, they have similar features such as a powerful 400-horsepower engine, interior layout, and advanced technology. However, the Lincoln Aviator brings a touch of increased luxury to the equation, with the addition of multiple appearance packages and cutting-edge tech systems not found in its more affordable counterpart. These updates are expected to be fully integrated by 2025.

The primary modification is prominently displayed at the forefront. The Aviator’s appearance boasts a larger grille with headlights that connect at the uppermost corners. Below, a revamped fascia showcases vertically oriented corner vents. While the Ford does not offer an illuminated badge on its grille, the new Explorer also adopts this design element. Moving towards the sides and rear, the latest model maintains the same Aviator characteristics as its predecessor. It is evident that this is primarily a facelift, with all exterior adjustments concentrated at the front end.

The same concept can be seen inside, with the inclusion of bigger digital screens for both the driver and front-seat passenger. The center display has been upgraded to 13.2 inches while the instrument unit measures at 12.4 inches. This may sound like a repeat, as the all-new Explorer also boasts a 13.2-inch display, but in this case, the digital driver screen is just slightly smaller, coming in at 12.3 inches. The remaining aspects of the interior remain unchanged, however Lincoln adds a touch of elegance with a variety of color combinations featuring artistic names such as Light Space Gray, Harvest Bronze, and Hot Chocolate.

The 2025 Aviator may not have many noticeable changes in appearance, but its real selling point lies in its advanced technology. For the first time, the Lincoln Digital Experience is available. This includes the integration of Google and Amazon capabilities into the Aviator’s infotainment system, allowing convenient usage of popular apps such as Spotify, Google Maps, YouTube, and built-in web browsers for browsing the internet (although Lincoln cautions that some features may only be accessible while the vehicle is stopped). The inclusion of Google Assistant or Alexa also allows for convenient control of various functions through voice commands. These features can be tailored to the driver’s preferences. However, for those who prefer it, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay can still be utilized.

The year 2025 brings the introduction of BlueCruise to the Aviator lineup. This advanced hands-free driving technology is now a standard feature on all trim levels of the Explorer model as well. Additionally, the Aviator comes equipped with Lincoln Co-Pilot 360, which offers a vast range of driver assistance features. These include lane-keep assist, a 360-degree camera, and more sophisticated systems such as evasive steering assist and reversing brake assist.

In addition to that, Lincoln provides a selection of various black aesthetic packages and a range of wheel options for their customers to choose from. Moreover, the Lincoln Black Label Invitation theme, which is exclusively available on the bigger Navigator, offers unique color schemes and interior elements that include laser-etched patterns on the dashboard. This feature is certainly not something you would find on an Explorer.

Director Heidi Shaffer stated, “With the new Aviator, our clients have grown to anticipate and value the incorporation of technology in creating a serene and opulent environment. Through innovative and interconnected elements such as the Lincoln Digital Experience and BlueCruise hands-free driving technology, we are crafting a modern digital haven on the road.”

The 2025 Aviator is set to hit the market in a few months, but it certainly won’t be easy on the wallet. The base model, known as the Aviator Premiere, comes with a hefty starting price of $58,495 – an increase of $5,155 compared to last year’s model. The mid-range Reserve starts at $67,495, and for those seeking the most luxurious experience, the top-of-the-line Black Label is priced at $86,995. Once you add in the required $1,395 destination fee and any additional options, the price tag can climb close to $100,000.

Source: Lincoln

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