2024 Lotus Elise vs. C8 Z06 Corvette

HotCars Exclusive: Timeless Roadster Renders by Rostislav Prokop

The Lotus Elise, an iconic two-seater sports vehicle originally released in 1996, was known for its impressive performance, even with its light-weight quality and smaller 4 cylinder engine. Regrettably, the beloved entry-level model and various others were forced to cease their production in 2021, which has left numerous admirers of the Elise desiring for its comeback.

Having that in view, Rostislav Prokop, an artist for HotCars, replied to the demand and developed a compilation of pictures of a potential Elise that could upsurge the sports auto market.

Designing a new model of car often involves taking the best facets of the previous iteration and combining them with certain components from other models of the same parent brand. This principle was executed successfully with the unveiling of the latest iteration of Lotus Elise, as can be seen in the photos. Evidently, the new Elise draws heavily from the Series 3 generation, yet it also has certain design aspects similar to the Evora and Exige cars.

At the outset, this retains the iconic Elise aesthetic but subtly displays elements of the edgier Exige designs. Whilst the shape of the headlights is similar to that of its pre-existing version, spotlights have been introduced into the bonnet and a wider wedge grille defined by V-shaped vents can be seen.

The sweeping hood indentations are farther down than the former version which enhances the smooth panel course. All is close to the ground, implying that this convertible should maneuver as if it’s on tracks.

As one looks over the exterior of this fictional car, it’s apparent that Prokop has employed the customary design of a standard Lotus Elise. Characteristic curves that border the backside air vents stay on, although they are immaculately balanced with sleeker paneling radiating towards the back end.

The overhead greenhouse is subtly fused into the back flaps. These gentle features differ with the more forceful sections at the butt of this ride. Twin circular tail lamps and “Lotus” lettering stay, although now there are more contemporary elements which tie back to the Exige Sport – most noteworthy being the pronounced rear wing spoiler.

The interior of the vehicle gets a stylish revamp, with its sides toned to complement the exterior’s copper hue and polished aluminum panels combining for an interesting aesthetic. Any potential sense of tedium is prevented by these two distinct elements.

If this roadster was bestowed with a revamped version of the Cup 260’s 1.8L turbocharged motor, it could feasibly attain 0-60 mph in the mid-3 second range. Still, tantalizingly more alluring is the potential that Lotus might stuff their brand new Emira’s 3.5 L supercharged V6 into the back of the car.

Boasting a prodigious 400 horsepower and checking in at a featherweight 1,900 lbs, the forthcoming Lotus Elise exhibits an even more remarkable power-to-weight ratio than the redoubtable Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Moreover, while the Chevy offers an automatic transmission, this fresh Lotus model features a strictly manual option.

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