2024 Nissan GT-R: More Torque, Faster Shifts

Upgrade Venerable Japanese Supercar Brilliance

After the launch of a comparable upgrade for the Nissan Z, Nismo in Japan has now unveiled a new “Sports Resetting” feature for the 2024 Nissan GT-R and Nissan GT-R Nismo. This option provides a “modified” speed limiter, “more exhilaration on the track,” and “augmented torque in the medium- and low-speed range.” With this upgrade, drivers can look forward to an enhanced driving experience.

Nissan have refrained from issuing any recognised figures of utmost velocity for the GT-R recently, however the last time they did, the speed was a remarkable 205 mph. This is assumed to increase to some extent, yet the assurance of amplified low-end torque implies that this enhancement could bring about a drastical decrease in acceleration times, possibly scraping off a couple of tenths from the 2.7 second 0-60 mph commencement. Furthermore, as a straightforward plug-and-play improvement, it is also straighforward to instate.

The modification basically consists of an optimized Engine Control Unit/Module and is accessible in two alternatives.

Exclusively featured on the Nismo variant, Type 1 carries a price tag of around ¥270,000 (roughly $2,029 before taxes), and essentially only raises the speed limit. Conversely, Type 2 is available for the regular R35 with a cost of about ¥310,000 ($2,330). This version has been modified to provide enhanced torque and drive enjoyment, with a revised boost pressure and shift logic that contributes to better shifting.

The rates mentioned above include the cost of labor, however, customers must handover their old ECU/ECM. This is possibly to protect the conundrums of the GT-R from being leaked to aftermarket tuners. Additionally, it helps keep the prices accessibly low, since Nismo will probably reuse these confiscated units.

It may appear to be a mere mild renovation to keep the R35 updated, but it is wonderful to observe Nissan’s tenacity in wanting to draw out its maximum potential, especially in this ever-evolving times when internal combustion may be waning. Nissan has even mooted the concept of creating a high performance electric GT-R, alluding to their decision to convert an R32 Skyline GT-R into an electric sports car; thus, enjoy each chance to utilize the VQ35 engine at its limits.

The two ECM variants will become accessible during the summertime in Japan and it is unlikely that they will be available in the United States, especially considering probable new exhaust regulations. If finances are not an issue, our suggestion is to bypass Nismo altogether, in favor of employing the renowned Top Secret tuning store.

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