2024 Ram 1200 Spotted: Less Camo, Dual Exhausts

Will US Receive it?

We have been closely watching the Ram 1200 for some time, and the bulky camouflage covering is now gone, making this our best look yet of the vehicle. Though the small-sized pick-up is still disguised, it appears as if an extra-lengthy SUV due to its truck topper that conceals its cargo bay. Unlike previous prototypes, this iteration has replaced the Jeep-inspired round headlights and Fiat Toro-supplied taillights with what we can only assume to be the concluding lighting apparatus.

Codenamed ‘Project 291’, the new workhorse is anticipated to bring back the ‘1200’ moniker which was used to describe the Fiat Fullback/Mitsubishi Triton between 2016 and 2019. This vehicle will be placed higher than the Ram 1000/ Fiat Toro and will be based on the Small Wide 4×4 platform which was adapted from the Compass, Commander and other Stellantis models.

The pre-production version may be slightly bulkier than a Fiat Toro, potentially having proportions akin to the Ford Maverick but potentially bigger. Boasting an extended wheelbase for the double cab style and admirable ground clearance, as well as bulky wheel arches plus double exhausts, it is rumored that Ram plans on exclusively marketing the truck with a 4×4 option and a powerful turbodiesel 2.2-liter powertrain drawing in around 200 horsepower and producing 445Nm of torque.

There should additionally be an ethanol-friendly gasoline engine alongside a nine-speed automated transmission taken from other Stellantis vehicles. Fabrication of the single-body truck is planned to be conducted in the Pernambuco factory situated in Brazil where the Renegade, Compass, and Commander are exquisitely constructed.

The inaugural launch is slated to take place later this year. At the present time, Ram has stayed tight-lipped regarding the chance of introducing the 1200 to the U.S.

Source: CarPix

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