Ram 1500 Classic Sticking Around for 2024

Ram’s Fourth-Gen Truck: From Dodge to Now

It is the year 2008 that casts a shadow of foreboding over the automobiles industry and finance market alike. The climbing costs of fuel have caused a surge in smaller car purchases. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Dodge unveiled their 2009 model of Ram 1500 pickup truck – an vehicle still present on the markets sixteen years later.

Yes, the 4th-gen Dodgeram, which was first unveiled at that celebrated show four years ago, is still available today as a new lorry. A Ram representative assured Motor1 that the Ram 1500 Classic will last through 2024 model year. Although it hasn’t been listed on the official website, there’s apparently talks in progress to sort out the configurations ahead of when the 2024 configurator is live.

Regarding those specifics, at present we are without sufficient data to come to a conclusion. During 2023, the Ram 1500 Classic could just be acquired in two profiles: the Tradesman aimed at laborers and the Warlock designed for tough personalities. Among these, the Tradesman comprised of the traditional singular cab/long box configuration, along with Quad and Crew Cab versions. Conversely, the Warlock was merely available in either the Quad or Crew form.

Changes to the options may be achievable, but since this system already has sixteen years of life, don’t anticipate anything extraordinary. Both trims possess a preexistent 3.6-liter V6 with 5.7-liter Hemi V8 available as an upgrade. An automatic 8-speed transmission channels the potency, and even though it was first created during the George W. Bush period, there’s a 7.0-inch touchscreen in the middle console. Also, a ton of buttons.

It’s most conceivable the basic amount probably won’t shift much, which is possibly why the Ram 1500 Classic remains a reality. 2023 models began at $34,340 and that included the cost for Ram’s destination fee of $1,995. By comparison, that adds up to approximately $6,000 lesser than the no-frills 2024 Ram 1500 variant, third-partying the base Ford F-150s and Silverado 1500s with $4,000 in savings. That makes the Classic an enticing selection to those desiring a brand new full-size truck within their budget range.

As of 2019, when Ram declared that the traditional pickup would be manufactured alongside its fifth-generation version, not many believed it could last this long. Now with a redesigned (and Hemi-free) variant set for 2025, is 2024 the end of the 1500 Classic? Stay tuned for more updates throughout next year for the answer.

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