2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland: Best Yet?

Is the New Version an Improvement?
NEW 2024 Tesla Model 3 HIGHLAND Review: The Best Just Got Better?

Everyone is aware at present that Tesla vehicles get better through software updates; however, not much is known regarding the accomplishment of Tesla modifications and new models of its automobiles.

Due to the fact that Tesla is meticulous regarding updating its automobiles, no totally new version of a Tesla has been released yet. Notably, the Model S underwent an important revamp a while ago, and currently, the Highland Model 3 iteration of the Model 3 has been presented. Nonetheless, there has not been a completely fresh version of a pre-existing Tesla design yet.

Asking the question ‘can Tesla effectively modernize their models?’, it would be wise to analyze the Highland Model 3 and contrast it with the old specification. The comprehensive assessment conducted by InsideEVs generated the conclusion that the adaptation had been successful, despite only few alterations. Now we shall look towards AutoTrader in the United Kingdom to receive its verdict on the updated Model 3.

AutoTrader expresses that research is critical in the car-buying process. Consumers should use all types of information sources to obtain ample knowledge surrounding the particular vehicle they are looking to purchase. This includes comparing price points between similar models and assessing warranty information details. Additionally, reading up on safety rankings and access to services such as Carfax and Edmunds can provide buyers with further insight into a vehicle’s history. AutoTrader highlights the import of conducting thorough research when acquiring a car. Conducting adequate investigation into a prospective car can prove invaluable, such as contrasting costings among analogous autos and examining warranty particulars. Furthermore, being acquainted with security ratings and profiting from services like Carfax and Edmunds can furnish the buyer useful understanding about the vehicle’s background.

AutoTrader points out that the exterior of the new Model 3 is prospectively more eye-catching than its predecessor. It highlights the aerodynamic and sporty looks, though admitting that it’s not necessarily the most stylish car out there.

Within, the interior of the cabin is decidedly more silent with increased insulation and seating that is plusher than in days past. Both the trunk and frunk are within a slight bit more expansive size and the behind passenger area is now equipped with its own specific touchscreen.

Most of the modifications are fairly minimal, but the driving experience appears to be notably better. The control-feel is reworked, yet it looks as if the most clear enhancement comes from how the new Model 3 effectively reduces and buffers any shock experienced by the people in the vehicle. As InsideEVs commented in its review of the Model 3 Highland: “The modified ride was more comfortable without sacrificing any agility and roadholding capability.”

The question must be asked: is it the best Model 3 yet? The answer appears to be a resounding “yes”. Although there are several enhancements, don’t expect a completely different experience; it’s still a Model 3, just better.

Production of the brand-new Model 3 Highland is ongoing at Giga Shanghai, and this automobile can now be purchased in China plus selected parts of Europe. Its launch in the United States has yet to be announced, but no exact timeline for its release has been provided.


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