2024 Tokyo Auto Salon Showcases Impressive Off-Road Build of Lexus GX550

Sharing the off-road joy: Why limit it to the Land Cruiser?

Lexus has joined forces with renowned Japanese off-roading modifier JAOS to present the GX550 Overtrail at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. This modified version of the GX550 promises to offer an exhilarating adventure on any trail.By collaborating with JAOS, Lexus has transformed the GX550 into a rugged and capable vehicle for off-road enthusiasts. The GX550 is equipped with advanced technologies and features that make it stand out among other vehicles in its class.The GX550 Overtrail boasts an upgraded suspension system, providing a more stable and comfortable ride on rough terrain. It also includes durable skid plates to protect its undercarriage from obstacles along the way. Moreover, the car’s powerful engine has been fine-tuned to deliver optimum performance in challenging off-road conditions.To further enhance the overall driving experience, Lexus has added special features such as all-terrain tires, roof racks for carrying extra gear, and LED spotlights for improved visibility at night. These additions not only elevate the car’s aesthetic appeal but also add functionality to its off-roading capabilities.Inside the vehicle, the luxurious and comfortable cabin is equipped with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. The driver can easily control the car’s various systems through the intuitive touchscreen display. The spacious interior also allows

In order to achieve its bulky and sharply defined appearance, JAOS outfitted the Lexus GX550 with a wide array of off-road components. The underside of the vehicle’s front end is shielded by the company’s Skid Plate Type R, crafted from durable aluminum to safeguard the mechanical elements. Additionally, the front bumper boasts a sturdy ABS guard that adds protection without weighing down the vehicle. This not only allows for smoother navigation on rugged terrain but also enhances the SUV’s overall rugged aesthetic.

The sleek and sturdy design of the Overtrail GX500 is further elevated by the JAOS ABS Fender Garnish Type X, providing added width to its profile. Tube-style side steps and mudguards offer protection to the lower sides, while an aluminum flat rack sits atop the vehicle, a must-have for any high-quality off-road vehicle.The Overtrail GX500 boasts an enhanced width thanks to the inclusion of the JAOS ABS Fender Garnish Type X. Its lower sides are additionally shielded by a set of tube-shaped side steps and mudguards. Perched atop the vehicle’s roof is a durable and stylish aluminum flat rack, a fundamental feature among top-of-the-line overland vehicles. With its combination of functional features and sleek design, the Overtrail GX500 is sure to impress both on and off the road.

According to the article, “No engine mods were performed, but the luxury SUV was given a Battlez lift kit that features adjustable dampers and titanium-infused lift kit springs.” The vehicle also received aftermarket 18-inch wheels, which were paired with 275/70R18 “Open Country” all-terrain tires from Toyo to complete the upgrades.

In addition to the GX550 Overtrail vehicle, JAOS is also featuring the LX600, which was utilized by Team JAOS during the 2023 Baja 1000 race. Details on the cost and release date for JAOS enhancements will be announced in the future.

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