2024 Toyota GR86: 40th AE86 Anniversary Edition Revealed

200-Unit Production Cap Enacted

Toyota is giving its GR86 a makeover, just in time for the 2024 model year in Japan. The rear-wheel-drive sports coupe will be receiving a special edition to commemorate its 40th anniversary since the original AE86. This retro-inspired variant will come with either a manual or automatic transmission and is limited to only 200 units. Furthermore, it features a mixture of modifications inside and out, being built on the RZ trim level specifics. There are two colors available: white or red both featuring stylish black stripes, offering an Initial D feel!

Toyota has released a special variant of its popular model, boasting 18-inch wheels with a dark gray metallic finish and 215/40 R18 tires. The side mirror caps and trunk lid spoiler have been given a black finish to contrast the body paint, and the interior has been designed with a black and red theme. Adding to the celebratory spirit, the door cards feature a “Since 1983 40th” logo, and the outside is adorned with a matching decal.

The 40th Anniversary Edition of the GR86 is more than just a pretty face – Toyota have endowed it with upgraded Brembo ventilated disc brakes and Sachs shock absorbers, which are also available as optional extras if you opt for the SZ trim or above in the regular 2024 model. By providing these enhancements, Toyota has followed a similar approach to that seen in the United States, where the ‘Performance Pack’ included the Brembo and Sachs upgrades for the 2024MY Trueno Edition.

Toyota Japan is anticipating that the demand for their latest model will outpace the planned manufacturing run, setting a cost of 3,822,000 yen ($25,800) for those with the manual gearbox and 3,920,00 yen ($26,430) when selecting the automatic variant. Consequently, the company has already started to devise a lottery system in order to decide who has the opportunity to buy the vehicle.

Today, marks the launch of the Toyota GR86 AE86 40th Anniversary Edition for 2024, which is accompanied by the release of Subaru’s BRZ STI Sport – a near equivalent to the U.S.’s BRZ tS variant.

Source: Toyota

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