Toyota GR86 Trueno: Reimagined Iconic Sport GT-S

Toyota GR86: Reviving AE86 Hot Hatch Legacy

The 1984 Toyota Corolla Sport GT-S liftback put the Corolla on the map as more than just an average car—it established a lasting legacy among Japanese Domestic Market enthusiasts. To commemorate the 40-year mark for the revolutionary AE86 Corolla hatchback, Toyota has created the 2024 GR86 Trueno Edition (the Badging in Japan was Sprinter Trueno.)

Toyota is launching a trio of Gazoo Racing-inspired vehicles in the upcoming months, involving the unique GR86, as well as the Toyota GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition and the Toyota GR Corolla Blue Flame Circuit Edition. Indeed, 860 versions of the totally exclusive 2024 Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition will hit the United States market.

The Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition will be easy to recognize. The car maker has given this sporty coupe a two-tone visual effect by its side panel graphics, bonnet detailing and dark-finished duckbill spoiler. There are two exterior tone alternatives – Halo or Track Red. Together with the Trueno badges, it is the exclusive 18-inch aluminium wheels that truly set apart this GR86 from the rest.

Within, a distinctive license plate will confirm the extraordinary exclusivity of the Trueno Edition, accompanied by the Trueno logos present on both the gearshift lever and the carpet floor mats.

This particular Toyota is the starting point for the release of the brand new GR86 Performance Package, which comes as standard on the Trueno Edition. Gazoo Racing has tweaked Sachs dampers and Brembo brakes to provide heightened maneuverability and halting power, along with a smoother ride.

The newly-unveiled Toyota GR86 Trueno Edition is now available as an upgrade for the 2022 and 2023 models, with its release for 2024 also being a possibility. When winter comes around, the prices for the GR86 Trueno Edition in 2024 will be announced.

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