Toyota GR86 Outsells Prius in Europe

Almost Equal: GR Yaris vs Prius Sales

Toyota had a highly successful year in Europe in 2023, achieving an impressive record of delivering 1,173,419 vehicles, which also included Lexus models. Among these, the Yaris Cross proved to be their top-selling product with 195,569 units sold, followed closely by the Corolla series with 166,925 cars, and the C-HR with 117,552 vehicles distributed to buyers. Yet, there were other sales figures that caught our eye.

Last year, the GR86 achieved a total of 4,041 sales on the European market, surpassing the number of 2,755 purchases for the Prius lineup. The reasons behind this success may be puzzling, considering the various discounts offered to buyers for choosing an environmentally-friendly vehicle in Europe. A number of factors come to mind when trying to explain this phenomenon. Initially, it’s worth noting that the Prius is solely available as a plug-in hybrid in this region, lacking the option of a self-charging version. Furthermore, the introduction of the latest model was somewhat delayed, with customers not receiving their orders until later in the spring season.

The GR86’s presence in Europe is coming to an end soon. Toyota made an announcement back in 2021 that the second version of this rear-wheel-drive sports car will only be available until late 2024. However, for those living in America, there’s no need to worry – the vehicle will still be sold in other regions. Unfortunately, it will be discontinued in Europe starting in 2025. Many mistakenly believe that this decision is due to more stringent emissions laws.

According to recent reports, it has been revealed that the GR86 will not be able to comply with the more stringent safety standards that are set to be implemented in the upcoming year. Moreover, these new regulations will also have an impact on the vehicles that have already been manufactured but have yet to be sold. In response to this, Toyota has stated that in order to meet the heightened legislation, the car would have to undergo a complete overhaul. However, this process would not only be financially burdensome, but it would also have a negative effect on the car’s dynamic nature.

Keeping this in consideration, it is possible that Europeans were eager to purchase a GR86 in 2023, aware that the car would be discontinued from the lineup by 2025. If this speculation holds true, sales figures for this year are expected to be robust as the vehicle is less than a year away from retirement. According to Toyota, they are urging individuals to acknowledge that the chance to own and experience a new GR86 is extremely limited. Once this opportunity is gone, it will be gone for good.

According to Toyota Europe’s sales data for 2023, the GR Yaris was not too far behind the Prius in terms of popularity. The pocket rocket managed to sell 2,454 units, trailing behind the Prius by only 301 cars. Interestingly, the official plural for Prius, as chosen in the 2011 “The Prius Goes Plural” voting campaign, is “Prii.” Moving on, the pricier Supra also saw good sales numbers with 939 buyers showing interest, surpassing the Mirai fuel cell hydrogen sedan by 135 cars.

Source: Toyota Europe

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