2025 BMW M4 GT4 Evo Revealed

Bavarian Automaker Producing 50 More M4 GT4s

BMW M Motorsport declared that a new edition of the M4 GT4 Evo – a modified variation of the track car derived from the road G82 M4 – is in the up and coming stages. This takes after the current M4 GT4 had a fruitful initial year on the motorsports landscape.

The famed German car company held back from providing details for the upcoming M4 GT4 Evo but what is known is that it will be an outgrowth of the M4 GT3 which was witnessed being tested several months past. Similar to the GT3 Evo, it is anticipated that the GT4 Evo will have progressed vehicle capabilities, improved dependableness, along with better control and drivability.

Beginning from 2025, it appears that the M4 GT3 Evo will be entering competitions, so possibly we’ll hear more about this in the coming year. Afterwards, the anticipated M4 GT4 Evo will be unveiled.

By the middle of 2022, the most recent BMW M4 GT4 was disclosed, accumulating a series of more than 180 podium spots and in excess of 70 class victories through BMW M Motorsport crews all over the world.

So, the car manufacturer is constructing an additional fifty models to answer to the heightened consumer demand; these will be supplied next year.

“It has been an impressive debut year for the new BMW M4 GT4! We had faith that it would be able to build on the successes of its predecessor, but the sheer number of victories and titles our teams and drivers were able to secure immediately was a pleasant surprise,” said Bjoern Lellmann, head of Customer Racing at BMW M Motorsport.

If you don’t own a racing team, the pricey approximately $200,000 M4 GT4 and forthcoming M4 GT4 Evo are unlikely to appeal to you. However, if you’re desiring similar performance as an alternative option, the track-ready road-legal M4 CSL might be your best bet. Unfortunately, with only 1,000 being crafted, those units have already been sold.

Joyously, the upcoming M4 CS will be soon here. Manufactured and due to appear during 2024, it stands between the Competition and the CSL specs . Teased as potentially the fastest Bimmer encountered on Nurburgring, the model is reported to go even quicker than the M4 CSL’s extraordinary 7:18.137 course time – a significant feat, considering its scenery in the mid-priced class.

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