2025 BMW M4: More Power, Sleek Design, Advanced Technology

Limited power upgrade for only one trim level in Coupe and Convertible models.

BMW has recently introduced the Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) for the BMW M4, or what you may know as a facelift. This revamp brings about a plethora of changes that are worth talking about. First and foremost, let’s delve into the powertrain. The S58 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged straight-six engine remains, but with a significant upgrade in performance. Even the base version, which is rear-wheel drive and exclusively available with a six-speed manual transmission, now provides a hefty 473 horsepower. Similarly, the RWD M4 Competition still delivers a remarkable 503 horsepower.

There has undeniably been a considerable increase in power, now reaching an impressive 523 horsepower, but this upgrade is only available in the Competition model with M xDrive all-wheel drive. Surprisingly, despite this bump in power, there have been no changes to the acceleration times or top speeds (3.4 seconds and 180 mph for the Coupe, and 3.6 seconds and 174 mph for the M4 Convertible). It’s worth noting that the maximum speed for all models remains at 155 mph unless the M Driver’s Package is selected.

Unfortunately, this indicates that reports of an increased power for the M2 may have been overstated.

The G82 and G83 models have undergone significant cosmetic updates, resulting in a slight increase in efficiency as well. Notable changes include the new headlights featuring arrowhead-shaped DRLs, equipped with a single LED module for both low and high-beam settings. Additionally, the taillights now utilize the same technology found in the M4 CSL, utilizing laser diodes to illuminate glass fiber bundles for a more detailed appearance. The BMW roundel surrounding chrome has been replaced with gloss black, a popular aftermarket modification that has finally been implemented by the manufacturer. Moreover, the iconic M badge has been redesigned with a silver border, adding depth and texture to its appearance.

Fresh alternatives now available are the addition of Style 825M forged light-alloy wheels in a vibrant silver coating and a set of graphics that can be embellished with either High Gloss Black or High Gloss Red stickers on the bonnet and boot. Judging by the previous G8X graphics pack, this upgrade will demand nearly two thousand dollars, and if you happen to be among the few who opted for a steel roof (featuring a sunroof), it will come in black. Unfortunately, the transparent hood that was previously hinted at by BMW M is yet to make an appearance.

Unfortunately, there is some disheartening news for you upon entering the vehicle as the updated dashboard has resulted in the removal of several buttons, all due to the integration of iDrive Operating System 8.5. Nevertheless, there is a consolation in the form of fixed climate controls located at the base of the central 14.9-inch screen which remains linked to the driver’s 12.3-inch display through curved glass. Despite these changes, navigating the new interface should remain relatively effortless.

The utilization of the steering wheel has perhaps become a more challenging task, given its recent modification of having a flattened bottom. Traditional BMW models were equipped with rounded steering wheels, so this departure from convention will surely irritate traditionalists. However, take solace in the fact that you now also have the added feature of sleek ambient lighting seamlessly blended into the central air vents – ultimately, a significant improvement.

The latest wheel innovation features freshly-designed spokes and a vibrant 12 o’clock indicator, while retaining the Alcantara material and heating capabilities from its previous version.

In other places, the interior lighting arrangements have been updated with welcoming and farewell sequences. The interior trim accents are also included in a new matte Dark Graphite finish, with the option to upgrade to Finely Polished Aluminium for a sleeker look. Additionally, the dashboard can be upgraded to a more lavish sensation with the optional Sensatec faux leather now sporting a finer texture.

Simply put, this is essentially a facelift. It is not simply a small update or a complete overhaul, as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

There is anticipation for more in-depth details to be released, such as color options, customization choices, and pricing, before the international release in March. At this time, manufacturing will also commence at the Dingolfing facility.

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