2025 Infiniti QX80: Reimagined Interior and Tech Explosion

Infiniti’s new luxury 3-row SUV features a twin-turbo V6 with more power and torque, replacing the previous V8.

“The new 2025 Infiniti QX80 will bring about a multitude of alterations compared to the current QX80 luxury SUV, with the most prominent change being the sleeker and more defined exterior,” states Alfonso Albaisa, the senior VP for Infiniti Global Design. He also adds that the QX80 “marks the beginning of our evolved design language, Artistry in Motion, being implemented in production models.” This new QX80 is the first of many upcoming models in Infiniti’s product renaissance, including the QX65 crossover coupe and an unnamed all-electric SUV.

When examining the 2025 QX80 alongside its previous models, one can see that the vehicle has undergone significant changes. The 2023 QX80 saw improvements in technology and features, making it more attractive, yet its foundation still relied on the familiar platform, 5.6-liter V8 engine, and 7-speed automatic transmission used since 2011.

In 2025, the powertrain boasts a fresh design, as Infiniti introduces the VR35DDTT twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine, which delivers a notable increase in power. The newly added 9-speed automatic transmission promises a smoother driving experience with its expanded gear ratio range by 40%. For a point of comparison, the QX80 generates equal horsepower and an additional 6 lb-ft of torque compared to the current Lincoln Navigator.

The specifications provided by Infiniti are impressive and highlight the technological advancements of the brand.Infiniti has released an array of specifications that showcase the brand’s cutting-edge technology.One of the standout features is Infiniti’s powerful engine, delivering a captivating driving experience. The engine’s output has been enhanced, resulting in improved horsepower and torque for increased performance on the road.The engine upgrade also includes a more efficient fuel management system, delivering better fuel economy and reduced emissions. This not only benefits the environment but also results in cost savings for the driver.In terms of safety, Infiniti has not compromised. The brand incorporates advanced safety features such as predictive forward collision warning, which uses sensors to detect potential collisions and alert the driver to take evasive action.Infiniti’s Lane Departure Prevention system is designed to assist the driver in staying within their lane and prevent accidents. It provides gentle steering assistance to keep the vehicle on track and avoid unintended lane drift.The interior of Infiniti vehicles exudes luxury and sophistication. Premium materials and intricate design elements create a refined and comfortable environment for both the driver and passengers.In addition to the impressive engine and safety features, Infiniti’s state-of-the-art navigational system takes convenience to the next level.

The exterior of the QX80 boasts more than just clean angles. Initially, the door handles remain hidden until the vehicle is unlocked. Additionally, the taillights have been updated to include a wide LED design that mimics the fading effect of highway lights in the far distance.

The door columns have been darkened, mirroring the previously mentioned Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade, among other vehicles. The segmented LED running lights are situated prominently on the front face, which is primarily occupied by the enormous dual-arched grille.

The interior of the fresh QX80 is filled with luxurious materials such as leather, suede, wood, and metal, minimizing the use of plastic. The third row offers heated seating as an option, while the first and second rows can also be equipped with massage capabilities. There has been a significant enhancement in legroom and foot space.

Infiniti’s innovative feature, known as Biometric Cooling2, utilizes advanced infrared scanners to identify discomfort in the 2nd-row passengers and automatically regulates the temperature for optimum comfort. The company boasts that this cutting-edge technology can swiftly bring passengers to a state of comfort in half the usual time.

Klipsch has developed a cutting-edge sound system with 14 speakers and 600 watts of power, specifically designed for use in the new QX80. For those looking for even more audio power, there is an optional 24-speaker system with 1,200 watts that includes titanium tweeters, an 8-inch TriPower subwoofer, and a 24-channel amplifier. Like other top-of-the-line vehicles, this system has the capability to diminish unwanted background noise, allowing for a more intimate and exclusive listening experience.

In recent times, Infiniti has been dedicated to incorporating sought-after technology into its lineup. As a standout example, they have implemented the desirable feature of wireless Apple CarPlay upgrades at no extra cost. The latest model, QX80, stands out with its dual 14.3-inch screens situated on the dashboard, offering three distinct views: Classic, Elegant, and Enhanced. Additionally, drivers can enjoy a color head-up display and a 9-inch touchscreen positioned below the primary infotainment screen.

According to Infiniti, the QX80 boasts a camera system that is a “world-first.” This innovative system includes Front Wide View, which utilizes two 14.3-inch displays to provide an impressive 170-degree view. This wide angle allows drivers to see beyond parked cars and around corners, providing an enhanced level of safety and convenience. Additionally, the QX80 features Invisible Hood View, which utilizes footage from external cameras to create the illusion of a disappearing hood. This feature enables drivers to have a clear view of the road directly in front of the vehicle, making it easier to avoid curbs or navigate through car wash tracks. Furthermore, the camera system includes a 3D-enhanced AroundView monitor with moving object detection, allowing for a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings. Users can also select from various angles to be displayed on the monitor, further enhancing the overall driving experience.

Infiniti boasts yet another impressive world-leading innovation with My Parking Locations. This cutting-edge feature permits owners to save their preferred parking spots with personalized markings and enables the camera to show precise navigation directions for these specific areas. Additionally, the automaker offers two levels of driver support: ProPILOT Assist 1.1 and 2.1 – the latter providing the capability for hands-free driving on select freeways.

Buyers have the option to choose Electronic Air Suspension, a feature that allows for adjusting the ride height to improve aerodynamics when traveling at high speeds or when carrying a heavy load of passengers or cargo. Additionally, Dynamic Digital Suspension is also offered, providing continuous management of the shock absorbers to minimize body sway and improve the overall driving experience.

The QX80 is set to come in 4 different trims: Pure, Luxe, Sensory, and Autograph. The Autograph trim has drawn comparisons to Range Rover’s prestigious Autobiography trim. Infiniti has announced that the new QX80 will be hitting the market in the summer of 2024, with its debut taking place at the highly-anticipated 2024 New York International Auto Show.

-Article Rewrite: Infiniti – A Luxury Car Brand That Stands OutInfiniti is a prestigious car brand that has been making waves in the luxury vehicle market since its launch in 1989. It is a division of Japanese automaker Nissan and is known for its high-end, well-crafted vehicles that combine performance and elegance.This luxury car brand aims to stand out from its competitors by offering unique designs, advanced technology, and exceptional driving experiences. Its name itself suggests limitless possibilities and represents the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining what a luxury car should be.One notable feature of Infiniti cars is their sleek and futuristic design. Each model is carefully crafted with attention to detail, making them visually appealing and distinct from other luxury cars on the market. From the signature double-arch grille to the crescent-cut rear window, Infiniti’s designs are modern yet timeless.But it’s not just about appearance; Infiniti also prioritizes innovation and cutting-edge technology. They were one of the first car manufacturers to incorporate cameras and sensors in their vehicles for better safety and driver assistance. They continue to push the envelope with their ProPILOT Assist system, which offers semi-autonomous driving capabilities.Infiniti also values the

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