2025 Infiniti QX80 Reveals 24-Speaker Klipsch Audio System for Ultimate Sound Experience

Impressive audio system in Infiniti’s top-tier model.

The 2025 Infiniti QX80, set to debut in the near future, will come equipped with an advanced car audio system from Klipsch Reference Premiere. This will be a groundbreaking addition in its segment, setting it apart from the competition.

Boasting 24 speakers, the top-of-the-line sound system guarantees unparalleled performance. Comprised of titanium tweeters, an eight-inch subwoofer, headrest speakers, and Panasonic’s revolutionary DJX 3D surround sound processing, to list a few of its impressive components. As a high-end vehicle, the audio system must deliver utmost quality and cater to even the most discriminating music enthusiasts.

Numerous of the 24 speakers are situated in the headliner and collaborate with the DJX 3D surround sound system to disperse audio throughout the entire interior, ensuring an exceptional auditory experience for every person inside.

2025 INFINITI QX80 to feature Klipsch® Audio, powered by Panasonic

The latest speakers not only possess top-notch quality, but also boast a stunning appearance, drawing inspiration from the luxurious Klipsch Reference Premiere line in upscale residences.

According to the article, the front row is definitely the prime spot to be in. The front doors hold 6×9-inch mid-bass drivers that provide “stunning dynamics.” Additionally, there is an eight-inch TriPoower subwoofer with impressive low-frequency extension, as well as a 24-channel amplifier equipped with a 1GHz digital signal processor.

According to Craig Keeys, group vice president, the Klipsch Reference Premiere Audio System marks the debut of a series of exciting updates for our top-of-the-line SUV. With this addition, we aim to enhance the overall ownership experience and showcase Infiniti’s unwavering dedication to exceptional design, top-notch quality, and outstanding performance.

The QX80 currently on the market is among the most ancient vehicles available, initially released back in 2011. Despite its proficiency and opulence, it falls behind its rivals, making its replacement model (teased by the Monograph prototype) a highly anticipated release for next year.

According to Nissan dealers who were given a sneak peek at the upcoming model, they have likened it to the “Range Rover,” which is a positive sign. The new vehicle will no longer feature the 5.6-liter V8 engine, but instead will be equipped with a turbocharged V6 engine. With an impressive 424 horsepower, the successor to the QX80 is expected to have even more power and improved fuel efficiency.

An excellent audio system is a must-have in a luxurious vehicle, but the new Infiniti QX80 will need to go above and beyond to stand out. We anticipate exceptional performance, superior handling, and refined details, upgraded materials, and cutting-edge technology. With many cars offering an outstanding listening experience, we anticipate Infiniti to push the boundaries in other aspects.

If you happen to be attending CES 2024 in Las Vegas, you can check out the Monograph idea at the Panasonic exhibition area.

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