20-word Title: New Infiniti QX80 Design Revealed

Adapting the QX80’s Front Lighting Elements

Just a few days ago, the initial glimpse of the brand-new Infiniti QX80 was spotted, and our associates over at Kolesa are already attempting to intuit what design elements will be seen beneath the thick camouflage. It is significant to mention that for the past decade, the luxurious SUV has not received an update to its generation.

Infiniti has declared that the successor to their QX80 will stand as a symbol of their reinvented design language, although the forthcoming edition appears to have conserved its typical boxy shape. Underneath the camouflaged skin are headlights, affording us some understanding of what to expect for its face. The upper and lower lamps seem to adopt slimmer construction as well as vertical displays – in agreement with the most recent front lighting style, as demonstrated in the drawings presented below.

Meanwhile, a larger trapezoidal grille is situated in the middle, being mounted above eye-catching rectangular vents at the lower end of the facade. Even though electrification is becoming more pervasive, the subsequent version of this vehicle will still be fitted with an internal combustion engine; its indication is the frontal grille which was spotted on the test model. Rumor has it that there will be a turbocharged V6 motor instead of the existing 5.6-liter V8.

Infiniti’s most recent iteration seems to have taken influence from its QX80 Monograph concept, as featured in the rendering shown. This is evident in the front of the car, as resemblances are discernible. Moreover, this design also presents flush door handles.

Towards the back, slim taillights are seen, noticeably slimmer than what is featured in the current model and QX80 Monograph Concept. Similarly, a thin D-pillar is retained which supports the QX80’s angled glass window at the rear, complemented by air vents that were purposely carved onto the side of the vehicle – functionable with airflow passing through them. Additionally, the exhaust pipes are concealed below the rear portion of the car.

Despite being limited in information, Nissan, the head corp of Infiniti seems to hasten their roll-out when prototypes are on public roads. The upcoming QX80 might show up as a 2024 model, however, it could be delayed until 2025.

Source: Kolesa

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