2025 Kia Carnival: New Look Unveiled

Minivan Makeover: Maxi Facelift & Hybrid Upgrade

It has almost been four years since Kia launched the fourth-generation Carnival, and with life cycles becoming even shorter, it’s clear that this minivan needs a makeover. It’s now official that the re-designed version of this ride will be released before 2021 ends; it was spotted in South Korea while shooting an advertisement. Of course, because of the prevalence of our smartphones and social media, someone had to capture this family-friendly car and post the snaps on Instagram.

The Kia Carnival is receiving a major mid-cycle revision for 2025, in keeping with the brand’s typical style. The headlights have been completely redesigned and take their cues from Kia’s latest electric vehicles. It’s easy to spot the new shape of the grille, which has a wider lower section than before, and the pattern has been tweaked too. It appears that the fog lights are no longer integrated into the bumper, which has also been given a fresh look.

The profile of the facelifted version remains largely the same, though the two-tone wheels are a new addition. At the rear, the taillights have been updated to form a “T” shape, connected by a light bar. The Kia badge has been relocated below the light bar, rather than bisecting it. The bumper has been tweaked, but it is still a minivan after all.

According to numerous accounts, Kia aims to revamp the interior of their cars by adding a couple of 12-inch displays, a high-tech head-up display, fingerprint technology, and massage chairs borrowed from the EV9 electric model. Furthermore, rumor has it that the SUV is receiving an advanced semi-autonomously controlled system combined with a hybrid drivetrain, most likely sourced from the Sorento. Powering this system will be a 1.6-litre turbocharged gasoline motor along with an electric motor, delivering a total power output of up to 227 horsepower and 350 Newton metres of torque.

Anticipate an official initiation in the marital days, possibly debuting preeminent in South Korea prior to the equivalent American blueprint.

Source: motorsjason / Instagram

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