2025 Kia Carnival Revealed: First Look

Kia Inspired Design with EVs

Kia’s South Korean division disclosed the initial photographs and information about its redesigned Carnival. Since facts about the 2024 version were reported months ago, expectations are that this extensively revitalized model will be made accessible in the USA in the upcoming year as a 2025 edition. Though not as renowned as the Sorento or Telluride models, Kia regularly sells approximately 3,000 Carnivals per month, consequently making it an important vehicle for the South Korean company.

Part of the success of its sales is attributed to its SUV-esque exterior, immensely more attractive compared to other minivans available. Therefore, Kia started anew with a redesigned front end and back end that heavily reference its current and upcoming electric car selection.

We can easily ascertain that the front is outfitted with upright headlamps and trademarked star map lighting illuminated daytime running lights, similar to the design of the EV9. Kia has revealed only exterior pics, however we reckon the already remarkable inside will continue with just minor alterations.

Viewing the Kia Carnival from the side, one can note that the car has kept the same straight line connecting the front and rear lights. It does sport a new set of alloys that have been heavily inspired by the EV9 and EV5, which Kia claims gives the vehicle a “solid and strong feel.”

At the back, the license plate bracket has been lowered, with the visible trunk handle being taken away for a sleek appearance. The tail lights have also seen an upgrade and are now connected by a constellation patterned rear combination lamp.

Rejuvenating the aesthetics of the Carnival, a new Gravitron package arrives with distinct grille and rims. In tandem, dark-hued metallic colors grace the roof rails, C-pillar, tailgate, door embellishment, and protective plates.

At last, a distinct shade denominated Ivory Silver has been integrated into the pre-existing compilation. It is imperative to understand that this car here depicted is for Korean markets, which could imply there may be some alterations before this motor vehicle is shipped off to the United States.

Carrying over from its predecessor, Kia has kept their gas and diesel powertrains without modification; nonetheless, the diesel may not be accessible in the USA. Thus, Yankee audiences will be left with the 3.5-liter V6 engine that yields 290 ponies and 262 lb-ft of torque.

A revolutionary motor looks likely to be included in the lineup, with Kia confirming a hybrid SUV based on a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It is almost certain that this vehicle will make its way to America at some point, thus giving Kia’s customer base another option besides the Sienna Hybrid.

This drivetrain can be found already within the Sorento Hybrid and produces a total of 227hp alongside 258 lb-ft of torque. Kia could also potentially introduce a plug-in hybrid option with this same poweroutput, provided that it comes with a larger battery capacity. Moreover, these suburban dwellers should then anticipate around 30 miles of only pure electric range.

As of now, pricing is yet to be determined however, Kia has built a reputation for providing top-notch quality at an affordable cost. More information should be made available once the US model specifics have been unveiled from Kia America.

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