2025 Kia K5 Reveals US Look

Stylized Upgrade with Advanced Tech Inside

Upon receiving the most sluggish of updates for 2024, the Kia K5 is now revealed in South Korea featuring a brand-new aesthetic – which will indubitably be seen in the American variant of the car shortly.

Kia (as well as its Hyundai and Genesis relatives) generally unveils new products in their native market before making any other announcements, and the only images on offer are ones of low-resolutions sourced from the firm’s customer-facing website. We apologize for any incommodiousness this may cause.

Diving deeper into the changes, the K5 receives a refreshed front end with its headlights, grille, and bumper receiving new designs. The iconic Tiger Nose grille is still present, featuring Kia’s “Star Map Signature” theme and “Opposites United” philosophy. The taillights have been given a more three-dimensional look, and the rear diffuser has been reshaped.

The automobile cruises on a fresh wheel invention.

The K5 already showcases an attractive cabin, but the facelift for 2025 sees the incorporation of two curved displays to replace the departing model’s analog gauges. Kia notes that the screen furnishes plenty of streaming services, though sadly, we think it highly unlikely that this will make it to the US-spec version. Bummer, Netflix fans! Additionally, a rotary gear selector settling in place of the t-gear, plus; a new fingerprint sensor, as well as front and rear cameras capable of recording unsuccessful incidents, have been added.

These photos indicate an upgraded K5 variant with lavish quilted leather seating that is both warmed and aerated. Notably, even the rear seats are provided heating. Furthermore, Kia has incorporated additional sound insulation to ensure a quiet environment at high speeds.

Kia has alluded to varied powertrains for the refreshed K5, yet not all of these will be accessible in the United States.

The 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder engine ought to stay put as the base unit, offering up 180 hp as previously mentioned. However, the 2.0L naturally-aspirated four-banger with just 160 horsepower isn’t likely to be sold in the US. The same goes for the K5 Hybrid or LPI (Liquid Propane Injection) variant. There’s no suggestion of the 290-hp 2.5L turbocharged K5 GT model.

Kia has debuted their K5 model for 2021, replacing the well-regarded Optima. A four-year refresh period is to be expected for such an upgrade, and we can’t wait to get more info about the new car in the USA.

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