2025 Porsche Taycan Configurator: Experience Your Dream 938-HP Ride!

Easily Upgrade to a $250,000 Turbo S with Minimal Effort

It is hard to deny that a Porsche car configurator is one of the most effective ways to spend time without actually achieving much. The endless possibilities and choices in these tools make them ideal for daydreaming. Recently, on Tuesday, Porsche introduced the extensively updated 2025 Taycan, and as expected, we cannot resist playing around with its configurator.

In this imaginative scenario, I have taken it up a notch by choosing a Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo. Much like my own personality, it boasts both athleticism and functionality. Although the new Taycan offers a wide range of standard hues, I opted for Signal Yellow from the vast Paint-to-Sample collection. It may seem excessive at $13,150, but since this is all make-believe, why not add a touch of playfulness.

The color Signal Yellow has been a beloved choice among owners of early “longhood” 911s and is a perfect complement to the optional “Pepita” interior trim. This fabric, reminiscent of houndstooth patterns, was a popular option in the early 911 models and has recently experienced a resurgence as Porsche embraces vintage hues and materials. Interestingly, this retro color and material combination is offered as a no-cost option in the Turbo S model. It’s quite enjoyable to pay homage to the original 911 with a car that boasts over 800 additional horsepower.

In order to maintain the integrity of the original text, I refrained from making any major changes. However, I did make some minor adjustments for clarity and flow.Otherwise, I refrained from excessive modifications. I opted to include Porsche’s InnoDrive drive-assist system, surround-view cameras, “Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass,” and replace the standard yellow paint on the brake calipers with a sleek gloss black. The only other significant addition is the Porsche Active Ride, a cutting-edge fully active suspension system that comes with a hefty price tag of $7,140. While it may seem like a steep investment, it is a truly captivating piece of technology.

After factoring in the $1,995 destination fee, the overall cost of my Taycan reaches a significant $241,205. This is equivalent to the price of a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Of course, the extravagant Signal Yellow paint adds considerable expense. Without it, the MSRP comes down to $227,775 – still a substantial amount. But as I previously mentioned, the Porsche configurator transports us into a delightful fantasy world, so why not embrace it fully? And I have no doubt that you, dear reader, will do the same.

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