20-Word Title: Jeep 4xe Gladiators & Wagoneers Head To Easter Safari

Which Jeep Models Are in the Photos?

It’s only a couple of weeks until the 2023 Easter Jeep Safari at Moab, and Jeep is continuing to tease the concepts that will be unveiled at the event. The second batch of photos, referred to as the “Trail 2 Marker” in Jeep terminology, reveals three vehicles that appear to have some level of electrification.

Jeep’s recent press release, accompanied by some intriguing images, posed a query about “legendary electrified off-road capability.” The automaker wanted to know what people think of when “unapologetic” colors and big power are paired with off-roading. It is likely that the three concept vehicles teased in the sketches, one of which looks to be a Wagoneer 4xe, will answer this question. More details on this will be available soon.

Let’s begin with the rosy hue painted sketch, which looks uncomplicated to be a Wrangler Rubicon 4xe. The blue lettering and bandings on the hood perfectly fit the concept of a 4xe type. Nonetheless, there appears to be rare other adjustments, which is strange for something being prepared for the Easter Jeep Safari. Notwithstanding that, we are aware that a Gladiator 4xe is around the corner – it presumedly will become available as early as 2024 and thus this year’s off-road happening could be the ideal chance to give everyone a peek.

Identifying a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator from a frontal perspective can be quite the challenge. However, this particular vehicle has several distinct features that make it simple to recognize, such as its beefy tires, front-end modifications and tie-down straps on the hood. The Jeep Performance Parts badge can also be seen in the background. It is clear to see that while it might remain unclear which model this is, it surely packs an ample amount of off-roading gear.

Digging deeper into the top photo of this post, it could potentially be a Grand Wagoneer. It is a real possibility that its 4xe variant will arrive in the year 2024–the teaser sketch has given us an idea of what we can expect with regards to off-roading abilities, bolstered by electric aid. The grille might lack the level of flashy adventurousness that appears on the bigger models, but the rough style of tires make the vehicle appear fit for wandering off the beaten path, so that’s probably why it was chosen. Of course, being a teaser, all of this is conjecture at this point.

The 57th annual Easter Jeep Safari kicks off April 1 in Moab. Yet, ahead of that date, attendees can anticipate a presentation of all the sought-after ideas.

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