Custom Wagoneer: Jeep Easter Safari

Round 2 Easter Safari Teasers Revealed

Jeep has just dropped another “Trail Marker” on its route to the 57th annual Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah from April 1-9. This year’s theme celebrates electrified power, vibrant colors, and “powerful platforms for adventure.” Last week, the brand unveiled the first set of images – though they were a bit of a letdown.

Fortunately, the business has unleashed an abundance of images anew. Three photographs have surfaced that seem to hint at additional models we will observe in the upcoming months, and Jeep also unveiled added details of the photos previously advertised last week. Not only are some bold hues visible, but we can even notice a Wagoneer planning on taking over the trails.

With their eye-catching colors and head-turning designs, it is clear they are making a statement in the Jeep line-up.Diving into the newly released models, two that standout are the vibrant pink Wrangler Unlimited 4xe and the aggressive-appearing Wagoneer. Their striking colors and remarkable designs provide substantiation that they have something to say on behalf of the Jeep roster.

It appears that there could be an electrified Jeep being signaled by a striking pink image. Possible more noteworthy, this one seems to have a winch on the front. It’s unclear at this point, but the back tyre of the vehicle does appear closer than normal. What would happen if it were true? Difficult to say for certain.

Exciting news for Jeep fans this year as the iconic Wagoneer is set to take on some off-roading. Last season saw the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk PHEV concept feature in the Safari, picturing a strengthened SUV with electrically powered help.

This glimpse into the Wagoneer appears to be a tease of an off-roading Trailhawk concept, but we cannot confirm if it will include 4xe technology. We are aware that there is a plan to release a 4xe version of the luxurious SUV in 2024.

It appears to have some huge off-road tires in combination with something on the front which might be a winch or just a lamp. With the dimensions of this vehicle, it’d be awesome to observe some off-roading components incorporated.

The newest photograph showcases a brilliant green Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, which mirrors the vehicle from last week. However, due to the presence of the Jeep Performance Partsym mark in the picture’s background, we presume it is not identical. Similar to last week’s Wrangler, this model highlights some excellent off-roading accessories, such as a front winch, an aesthetically pleasing bash bar, and doubtless, an amplified skid plate.

It appears that with the fresh images from the earlier part of this week, JPP has set in motion a multifarious supply of modish appliances and add-ons perfect for customizing your Wrangler. This could come as a response to the numerous sensational products that the Bronco dealership has accessible to fans over the past couple of years, being highly profitable for merchants.

As has been recently demonstrated by the lustrous green painting glimpsed last week, there appears to be a progressively distinctive-looking 2-door Jeep Gladiator concept in the works. With its bulky tires, non-existent and oddly formed doors, this unheralded vision radiates an emerald hue. Excitement envelops us as we anticipate the full unveiling of this and other creations in mere weeks.

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