2.2 Million Ford Explorers Affected by Recalls: Here’s What You Need to Know

Possible title: Detachment of Roof Support Pillars Feared.

Ford has announced a substantial recall of their popular Explorer crossover SUV, encompassing models from 2011 to 2019 both within and outside of the United States. The number of affected Explorers in the US alone is approximately 1.9 million, with a global total of 2.24 million vehicles, according to information provided by Ford to Automotive News.

As outlined in the safety recall document released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an issue has been identified with the A-pillar exterior trim, leading to possible detachment from the vehicle as a result of incorrect assembly.

In 2018, Ford was notified of a problem by their Critical Concern Review Group (CCRG). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had reached out to inquire about exterior A-pillar detachments in specific Ford Explorers. The concern was addressed and resolved within the same year. Ford stated that the part posed no significant safety risk as it had a low mass and geometry.

In 2021, the matter was revisited after receiving new submissions of Vehicle Online Questionnaires (VOQs) pertaining to the aforementioned component. A total of 158 grievances were recorded at that time, however, the issue was once again resolved due to “the part’s low mass and sharpness, clear and noticeable warning to the customer, and a declining trend in warranty and VOQ rates.”

The case was once more reconsidered in 2023, and on this occasion, Ford was contacted by Transport Canada regarding the issue.

Following conversations with the NHTSA, who maintained their stance that “the potential risk of the trim part detaching while driving poses a safety threat to other vehicles,” and taking into account the involvement of Transport Canada, Ford reevaluated their previous evaluations and decided to issue a voluntary recall in order to examine and replace the exterior A-pillar trims as needed.

On January 12, 2024, Ford has been made aware of 14,337 reports of warranty claims associated with the problem. These units were produced between May 17, 2010, and March 3, 2019, with a relatively small percentage of 5% being affected, according to Ford. To address the issue, a replacement A-pillar trim will be installed and additional adhesives will be applied to prevent detachment. This service will be provided free of charge.

In the US, Ford has been responsible for the highest number of recalls for the last three consecutive years. A total of 54 recalls were reported in 2023 alone. In response to this trend, the automobile giant, Blue Oval, has pledged to enhance its standards in quality, yet it acknowledges that rectifying these issues will require a considerable amount of time.

In light of the A-pillar problem, Ford has recently issued a recall for F-150 trucks equipped with the Max Trailer Package due to concerns of unintentional rolling. Let’s hope that this is not the start of a pattern in the year 2024.

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