Ford & Lincoln Recall: 1.2M Fusions, MKZs for Brake Issue

2013 Models Prone to Front Brake Hose Failure

A massive recall initiated by Ford is presently underway, and involves a selection of model years of the Fusion and MKZ sedans. As many as 1,280,726 vehicles are included in the recall due to the possibility of the front brake hose failing. Although no injuries have been reported to be associated with this issue yet, it has purportedly led to an incident.

A substantial number of Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ autos created between 2013 and 2018 are the topic of a recall, even though it isn’t all cars in this range. According to a NHTSA recall notice, just non-hybrid models may be at risk. Of the total amount recalled, 1,167,825 are Ford Fusions and 112,901 are Lincolns.

The particular issue lies with front brake jounce hoses – the flexible tubes connecting metal brake lines to the caliper. According to the recall, these hoses could split if exposed to prolonged suspension articulation and steering manipulation over time. Out of the lifecycle testing, it is stated that the hoses were tested to only 88 percent of overall suspension motion.

Reports of deficiencies have surfaced, yet as seen in the paperwork pertaining to the recall, a complete breakdown of the stopping operation will not take place right away. The Ford Fusion and MKZ possess multiple braking systems, implying that the brakes can still work in case of rupture elaborated in the recall notification. However, there are displaying signs of hose destruction. Ford declares that engagement of the brake pedal will be longer, halting lengths extended, with an automotive brake system alert illuminations in the wiper board.

Repairing the issue is a straightforward process. Car owners with recalled cars will have both original jounce hoses supplanted and their brakes evaluated. The standard hoses that will be used as replacements feature an improved design with better materials, and since this is a recall imposed by the manufacturer, there are no expenses associated with the service.

In the wake of continuous difficulties with quality, Ford has just recorded yet another recall. CEO Jim Farley has made several remarks regarding this conundrum in recent times, especially after their most recent fiscal quarter results which were presented in early February. In the United States, Ford has had the greatest amount of recalls amongst automobile manufacturers for the past two years.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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