2,538 PSI Boost for V8 Hemi Announced

Can Dodge’s Last Hemi Muscle Car Cope?

Dodge has launched the concluding teaser video before the introductive display of “Last Call” model at Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas one-day event tomorrow on Saturday. It is expected to take the form of a Challenger, and not necessarily a commuter-friendly Charger.

The trailer reveals the well-known leprechaun with shimmering yellow eyes using a jackhammer to split a pile of glowing globes. At below, we’ve provided this video for you, and please know that it’s proven to be completely acceptable at the office. And once again, there are many hints included in the clip so you’ll only require a sharp eye to recognize them.

The glimmering globules refer to the high-powered gas, which Dodge hinted at in the first video. This potent spirit is what altered the affable leprechaun into the malevolent being seen below.

The succeeding hint is alluding to the robust V8-powered jackhammer. Despite already understanding that the zenith Last Call variation would comprise of a supercharged V8 motor, this is the principal time it’s officially confirmed. A supplementary teaser video implies that the long-familiar supercharged 6.2-liter V8 will be using increased compression.

That would enable it to accomplish the boasted maximum velocity of 215 mph in no time.

Finally, we have a readout on the jackhammer, displaying “2538 PSI.” This figure rules out the power output, as not even Dodge is crazy enough to release a production car with 2,500 horsepower. PSI stands for pounds per square inch, and is used to measure pressure in a vacuum.

When discussing strain, it could be related to various topics. At 25.38 Pound-force per square inch (PSI) is an example. The renowned Dodge Demon was characterized by a 2.7-liter supercharger, which raised the pressure up to 14.4 PSI. Supposedly, it would be possible to upsurge the boost pressure that much but Dodge had to install some modifications to keep the motor from exploding. It seems as though Dodge’s prototype models were continuously blowing their motors providing credence to this theory.

Alternative hypotheses proposed in the video remarks comprise 2,538 PSI of direct injectant pressure or whatever pressure that the cast-iron construction can tolerate.

No matter the conditions, Dodge undoubtedly won’t disappoint. Supposedly entitled ‘Leprechaun’ (name still to be verified), this is the concluding vehicle in the Last Call range – seven cars designed to honour the V8 prior to it being discontinued. Unquestionably, Dodge need this car to possess superior muscle to both the Demon’s 840 horsepower and the 1,000 hp created by the Hellephant crate engine.

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