30-Year Old Chevy-Powered Roadog Revives

Motorcycle Weighs Same as Toyota Corolla

In 1965, William “Wild Bill” Gelbke created the Roadog. This peculiar design has certainly earned its spot among the most bizarre motorcycles ever made, and 60 years later it’s still remembered. Its new owner is Sean Kerr, proprietor of SRK Cycles and Bikes and Beards. It’s clear that the Roadog has endured the test of time.

Kerr managed to acquire one of two Roadogs, which had allegedly been left untouched for the past three decades. His initial endeavors were to restore the bike to its original condition. Transforming the motorcycle proved difficult, taking into consideration that it was both 17 feet long and weighed an immense 3,280 lbs; the size being just as bulky as that of the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

I Bought the Legendary “ROADOG” Motorcycle(to Ride)

Specifications-wise, the Roadog has a four-cylinder 152 cubic inch Chevy II motor, a PowerGlide transmission, an altered Chevy axle, and disc brakes from a Chevrolet Corvette. When Kerr procured the bike, the brakes were faulty, so the team worked on that as the braking mechanism is essential for this weighty, two-wheeled vehicle.

The explanation why Gelbke pursued the design was to focus on luxury. Wild Bill desired to generate the Roadog a touring motorcycle that could match the comfort of Harley-Davidson bikes. Additionally, the vehicle was constructed to be as dependable as it could be. He even logged 20,000 miles in its debut year to make an illustration. That’s comparable to riding from Los Angeles to New York and back four times.

For years, the puzzling passing of Gelbke in 1979 has persisted as an enigma. Kerr conducted some research, and he discovered that there was a supposition alleging Wild Bill had cancer. Another story intimatesthat he was murdered by a law enforcement agent because there was animosity between them.

No matter the accuracy of the facts, Wild Bill’s reputation will live on through Kerr and his Roadog. The YouTube channel has made Kerr famous with 1.9 million subscribers, meaning the news should reach far and wide quickly. Following successfully restoring it, Kerr was eager to give the Roadog a spin straight away.

Kerr divulged that he had found the motorcycle tough to manipulate when initially acclimating to it, however, once getting used to the easy manoeuvrability, he was able to ride at an unhurried rate of 90 mph with assurance and solace, even on lengthy journeys. That very much sounds like a thrilling affair, yet driving a car for longer outings is still much preferable due to the absence of a roof top, interior framework and air-conditioning.

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