30-Year-Old Jaguar Mark X Found in Barn Begs for a Rescue

Buy now and see it shine with a new wash and thorough detailing!

Few things can compare to the iconic Mark X Jaguar. Originally produced in the 1960s, this elegant sedan’s gentle curves provided a stark contrast to the angular design of American cars during that time. Recently discovered in the northern area of Michigan’s lower peninsula, this specific 1964 model has been hidden away in a barn since the mid-1990s. However, it is now finally being brought back into the open and given a much-needed wash. If you’re interested, it’s also available for purchase.

The popular YouTuber Detail Dane has recently shared a fascinating story with his followers about an amazing discovery in the automotive world. Just like his previous rescues of a forgotten Acura NSX and Audi R8 from the harsh elements, this time around he sets his sights on a prized possession hailing from England. Surprisingly, this Jaguar was found abandoned in a barn in Michigan, its exact origins still a mystery, but its current owner speculates that it has been there since the mid-1990s. The evidence supports this theory, as the exterior is covered in layers of dirt, making it hard to tell that the car is actually white.

I Found a Classic Jaguar ABANDONED in a Barn For 30+ YEARS & Detailed It

This article portrays a clear desire for rescue. The vintage Jaguar effortlessly rolls out of the barn, however, it requires a team effort to push it up the ramp and into a trailer. Upon arrival at the workshop, the laborious process commences and we gradually realize the true beauty of these classic Jags. Thick layers of grime are removed to reveal a stunning white exterior, and even the once dull chrome is revitalized with some coaxing.

The inside has a slightly coarse appearance with numerous signs of mouse activity, yet pieces of the initial wooden dashboard are discovered tucked away in the rear seating area. They appear to be in good condition, almost as if they were taken out with intentions of being refurbished but that plan never came to fruition. In addition, what appears to be an authentic spare tire and a Jaguar toolkit are both discovered in the trunk and receive a meticulous cleaning. The final outcome is incredibly impressive and exceedingly gratifying.

As previously stated, the vehicle is up for purchase. Interestingly enough, it was stumbled upon by Detail Dane when the Little Traverse Conservancy bought a property in 2020. The organization is a non-profit dedicated to protecting land in the area, and the profits from the transaction will be donated to them. Initially advertised in its untidy state, the car has now been tidied up and is back on the market with a price tag of $10,000.

Source: Detail Dane / YouTube

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