$3.5M Fleet of Seized Turkish Performance Cars

Turkish Police Get $3.5M Drug Seizure: Ferrari & Bentley Fleet!

Move over, Dubai PD, ‘coz there’s now a new overseas police department equipped with a whole fleet of performance vehicles. Recently, Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya posted an intriguing video to X (formerly Twitter) which highlighted more than two dozen sports cars, supercars and SUVs that had been taken over the weekend by the Turkish Police Department and adapted into cop-cars.

The police confiscated a total of 23 vehicles, ranging from luxury vehicles such as the Bentley Continental GT and Porsche Taycan to performance cars like the Ferrari 458 and Volkswagen Golf R, as well as some luxury SUVs including the Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GLS. The estimated value of all these vehicles is US$3.5 million (100 million Turkish Liras).

According to the Daily Telegraph, the machines were sourced from a sindicato criminal named Hakan Ayik. This mobster was the leader of the notorious Comanchero Motorcycle gang located in Australia and had an estimated financial worth of approximately one billion dollars. Along with 36 of his confederates, he was detained in Istanbul during the past month.

“The Istanbul Police Department has successfully conducted operations against organised crime organisations, leading to the seizure of 23 vehicles,” declared Turkish Interior Minister Yerlikaya in reference to the arrest on X. “In accordance with the court ruling, these cars were transferred to our police force.”

Going ahead, Turkish traffic police will be utilizing the cars, thus, don’t imagine that you can speed your way through Istanbul in a hurry.

Source: Ali Yerlikaya / X, via Daily Telegraph

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