Mulsanne’s Last Stop: Bentley’s Final Dream Car

Tailored Luxury for Royalty

The magnificent annals of automotive history shall always contain the Bentley Mulsanne as a lasting declaration of sumptuousness, expertise, and noble sophistication. Unveiled in 1980, then again in 2009, this luxury vehicle was replaced by the Flying Spur as the primary model in 2020, in turn leading to the discontinuation of this classic. As the last example rolled off the production line, an individual 2020 Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, designed to exacting preferences, made its way back to Bentley’s Heritage Collection for its permanent home.

Given a special distinction, this Mulsanne was built to serve for the late Queen Elizabeth II. Displaying its extraordinary Barnato green exterior and outfitted with the best of Twine and Cumbrian hides inside, it certainly presents a majestic presence! Durable Burr Walnut wood veneer and cushy lambswool carpeting wrap up the furnishing befitting of a regal atmosphere.

The modifications went much further – rear drapes, the insignia of the United Kingdom stylishly integrated into the door frames, and removal of the middle armrests to make room for a uniquely made container, specially crafted to accommodate the Queen’s handbag, all serve as confirmation of the personalized nature of this gracious transport. The subtle integration of blue flashing lights, a siren, and a megaphone, together with a cleverly concealed switch panel fused in a walnut wood panel, exemplifies the dual purpose of the car.

When energy was necessary, the Mulsanne provided. Within the engine compartment is a 6.75-litre V8 driving 537 brake horsepower directly to its 21-inch rear wheels with eight-speed ZF-manufactured automatic transmission.

As this one-of-a-kind Mulsanne enters into Bentley’s Heritage Collection, it finds itself joining esteemed company. Alongside the second ever manufactured Mulsanne, VIN 0002 from 2010, and a 2019 Mulsanne Speed that was a part of Bentley’s press fleet, it has become one piece of the 45-car accumulation. The three-year program to reconstruct this selection intends to share with the public Bentley’s majestic 104 years of history through their various cars.

Source: Bentley

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