Seized Luxury Cars as Police Vehs

Luxury Cars: Ferrari, Bentley, & Range Rover

Whilst Dubai is renowned for its awe-inspiring police car collection, it would appear Turkey is rapidly making strides to compete with the introduction of their own extravagant fleet. The most absorbing thing about Turkey’s force is that not a solitary acquisition was required for its procurement.

What was the source for the cars acquired by Turkey’s police force? It appears that they have been procured from Hakan Ayik, a purported Australian underworld figure who is accused of engaging in drug trafficking and other forms of criminal activity. Moreover, the Ministry of the Interior of the country has taken possession of these automobiles.

The governmental organisation took no time in transforming Ayik’s assemblage into a quick-acting fleet. They apprehended him in the beginning of November 2023 and the vehicles were quickly rendered suitable for service.

According to Turkey’s Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya, the organization apprehended 23 vehicles from the purported Australian drug lord – all which are currently adorned with police livery, such as a Ferrari 488, precursor of the Ferrari F8, and a Bentley Continental GT.

But the Turkish National Police aren’t discouraged.Even though they’re not the most ideal police cars, nobody’s complaining. The Fiat Egea, which is Turkey’s top-selling car, would be hardly able to claim victory in a pursuit. This is due to the model being based on a former chassis of the Chrysler Neon. In spite of this, the Turkish National Police remain undaunted.

The fleet of luxury vehicles confiscated in last month’s raid consisting of Mercedes-Benz sedans, Volvos, Land Rovers, and Audis has gained an extra piece with the addition of a Porsche Taycan electric car. With its extraordinary speed, those that attempt to get away illegally won’t be doing so in this model seeing as it bears the distinction of having held the EV record at the Nürburgring.

Interestingly, the organization also recruited a Nissan Juke – an undersized hybrid car discontinued in the United States of America in 2018 – for the position. The Juke might appear out of place when compared to the other vehicles, however it is expected to be the most fuel-economical. Another unpretentious automobile included in the motorcade is an Volkswagen Golf. Prospectively the law enforcers in Turkey will make use of these two automobiles as discipline if the policemen are discovered utilizing more than one fourth of the power in the 488…

Similar to the lavish law enforcement automobiles in Dubai, these cars are probably only used intermittently due to their excessive cost of operation and upkeep. Yet, they could be a impressive sightseeing draw like Dubai’s costly fleet of expensive vehicles.

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