40-Inch Wheeled Carbon Fiber TruckHouse Camper

Aamazing AEV Ram 3500 Modification

Everybody is aware that to relish the serenity of nature often, building or obtaining a small hut in a distant location away from bustling cities must be done.

But beyond that line involves attatching yourself to one place exclusively, so what is available to join the tinier cabin in the forest with the capacity to go anywhere your heart wishes?

Maybe the folks at TruckHouse, who specialize in easy-to-use drop-in campers, have the solution with their fresh BCR form that sits atop an American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Prospector XL. This is a adjusted and reinforced edition of the Ram 3500 4×4 truck.

Featuring a carbon steel-infused monocoque shell, the BCR drop-in house is integral to the vehicle’s frame with the help of a carbon fiber-reinforced torsion-resistant affixing system. Topping off the cabin is a so-called HiPR Foils streamlined system that allows air to slip through the sides of the assembly, lessening drag and making it more effective at high speeds.

The TruckHouse BCR is still in the formative state, with distributions planned to commence during the spring of 2024. Despite this, potential customers may invest a ten thousand dollar deposit in order to claim their version of the luxurious caravans.

As of yet, the ultimate cost has yet to be established since it is still in production. Yet, TruckHouse communicated that its original release, 2021’s Toyota Tacoma-based BCT, held a value of nearly $350,000 including the car itself.

If you’re willing to fork out this amount, the BCR comes complete with a tall and airy open-layout. You’ll have a U-shaped seating setup at the back that can accommodate up to four people, plus you will benefit from a six foot six inch standing height. The galley accommodates an induction cooktop, an integrated oven/microwave, a capacious sink, and a two drawer fridge/freezer unit built for marine use. For those who want to work remotely while they travel, there is also a fully fitted office area.

Accessing energy when there is no conventional source available, a range of lithium-ion batteries can be managed with the aid of a durable digital switching system. Referring to the toilet, three choices are available for a fully equipped luxury travelling home: cassette type, dry flush, or composting.

The four-season, out of reach camper is generated by the Ram 3500-powered AEV Prospector XL. It can be acquired in both standard and team cab versions and equips 40-inch tires, a pressed steel front guard which can take up to a winch with a capacity of 20,000 pounds, a 3-inch suspension raise, and an elevated air intake, all dedicated to off-road usage.

TruckHouse was organized in 2019 in Sparks, Nevada with the introduction of their first creation – the Toyota Tacoma-based BCT drop-in camper in 2021. This innovative design was brought to life from the models of compact 4×4 campers of the 1980s.

Source: TruckHouse

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