4th Gen Porsche Cayenne EV: Made in Bratislava

2025: What’s Coming Next?

Next month, Porsche will refresh the current Cayenne (as seen in the accompanying picture) to ensure the chic SUV remains up-to-date and one step ahead of its opposition. At the same time, the prestigious marque is prepping for the forthcoming electric future through deciding where to manufacture the no-emissions, fourth-generation iteration. The Volkswagen Group offshoot announced today that generation of the EV will be put together in Bratislava (Slovakia), alongside the internal combustion car.

As virtually all carmakers shift from combustible vehicles to electric-powered ones, making the correct choices with regards to logistics are of vital importance. The Bratislava plant produces many VAG models based on the MLB Evo platform, in addition to the Cayenne and its Coupe version; plus the Touareg, as well as Audi’s Q7 and Q8. At the same manufacturing site, tiny VW up! and Skoda Karoq models are also being manufactured.

Porsche has not revealed when the Cayenne EV will initiate manufacturing, only suggesting that the electric SUV will follow after the Macan EV (2024) and 718 EV (2025). Certainly, this vehicle will be available for purchase prior to 2030, which is when the Zuffenhausen-based company hopes the majority of its revenue will stem from purely electric automobiles. To meet this ambition, they are developing a bigger, battery-powered SUV that will sit above the Cayenne and, ultimately, get constructed in Leipzig, Germany later in the decade.

It is vague whether the upcoming model of Cayenne will feature ICE iterations. Porsche’s plan for smaller Macan could offer a clue: that model may transition exclusively to electrical and the existing one will persist with internal combustion motors for several years to come. Thereby, both variants may be available concurrently until the fuel-based Macan will reach its natural end.

The existing Cayenne is scheduled for a major revamp next month, which indicates that Porsche intends to offer the SUV for a minimum of three to four years. This is likely to occur when the electric fourth-generation model hits the market.

Whilst the 718 Boxster/Cayman, Macan and Cayenne are all becoming electric vehicles to extend the Taycan and a forthcoming larger SUV model range, the manufacturer has confirm there will remain no ICE-only version of their recognisable performance car – the 911 – until at least 2030. However, a hybrid model of the acclaimed sports car is on the horizon and recent reports suggest that in 2026 this model could embrace more electrification which could offer up an astonishing 700+ horsepower figure.

Source: Porsche

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