Porsche Cayenne’s Electric Sibling Spotted In Debut Appearance

Porsche Spotted Testing Electric Cayennes Ahead of Macan EV Reveal

Days before the unveiling of the Macan EV, CarBuzz reporters have caught a glimpse of another electric model from Porsche being put through its paces. This time, it’s an electric version of the popular Cayenne. While there have been no sightings of the Cayenne EV prototypes until now, its development has been in the works since early 2023 when Porsche officials disclosed that the facelifted internal combustion engine (ICE) Cayenne would be replaced by an electric variant.

The testing phase has just begun, but this prototype demonstrates that Porsche is making swift progress in the development of the upcoming Cayenne model. Sources reveal that the car manufacturer has utilized a modified Macan EV body for this first-stage prototype, which aligns with their plan to base the next generation of Porsche electric vehicles on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) framework.

Although the Macan EV has a similar length to the mule, its width is smaller. The mule, on the other hand, has wider fenders that have been crudely extended to accommodate its larger size. This serves as a reminder that the process of car development is not always aesthetically pleasing.

The initial prototype of the upcoming vehicle is built upon the Macan EV, resulting in a coupe-SUV appearance that does not suffer from the usual limitations of a combustion platform. While it is undeniable that the coupe design is more visually appealing when it does not compromise practicality, Porsche’s design team remains mindful of their brand’s heritage. Michael Mauer, Vice President of Style Porsche, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a distinct identity within the Porsche product line while also being recognized as a new addition. He states, “Each new sports car must bear a strong resemblance to the Porsche family and its specific model, while also standing out as something fresh and new.”

This statement pertains to the layout of the upcoming Macan EV (depicted in the sketches below), however, the same principle is expected to apply to the design of the Cayenne EV.

Although it may be premature to confirm the details of the upcoming Cayenne electric vehicle (set to release in 2026), we are aware of the capabilities of the PPE platform.

To begin with, the car boasts an 800-volt design which allows for fast charging and impressive performance levels. Porsche has set a goal of achieving a recharge time of under 25 minutes for 5-80% battery capacity. As for its capabilities on the road, initial versions are projected to produce 600 horsepower and over 737 lb-ft of torque. However, future models could easily surpass those numbers, as it is becoming increasingly common for electric vehicles to have powertrains with up to 1,000 hp. In fact, sources suggest that even Porsche’s record-breaking Taycan, which dominated the Nurburgring track, will likely exceed 1,000 hp upon its unveiling.

In the upcoming years, there will be a plethora of information to discover about Porsche’s Cayenne EV, set to make its debut in 2025. However, this is not the only electric car being developed by the renowned automaker. A successor to the electric 718 model has also been announced, along with plans for a more upscale and spacious electric SUV nicknamed “K1”, currently in the works. By the year 2030, an impressive 80% of Porsche’s product lineup will consist of electric vehicles.

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