500-HP SR20 Nissan Does 120 MPH Burnouts

1,500-lb Lightweight: 10x More Power Than Factory.

This incredible Nissan Micra driven by a turbo SR20 motor created a major affect at the 2023 Global Time Attack Contest. Constructed by Australian Sean Austin, this tiny vehicle, which is more diminutive than the current Mitsubishi Mirage, now generates nearly 500hp. It additionally weighs a mere 1,500 pounds, so depending on your viewpoint, it’s possibly remarkable or awe-inspiring.

It all began as a jest, but that 60-horsepower Nissan city motorcar has been transformed into a mean track machine. Even though it doesn’t appear to be the case, the entirety of its forward end was fitted with components from the Pulsar, in order to be able to handle the greater power of the increased engine. This includes its CV joints and other front suspension parts.

Nissan Micra with an SR20, Making Almost 10x Its Stock Power

The SR20 located in the Micra is redrawn from a vehicle sourced from Japan’s Home Market, namely a Nissan Primera. This car flaunts a massive turbocharger, a radiator borrowed from a Honda Civic, a bespoke exhaust manifold and an intercooler. It also boasts disc brakes, a minimised interior, race-style seats plus a custom roll cage.

Interestingly, the ride is still street-legal. It has Queensland registration papers, but Sean claims it handles as if it’s on ice. There could be issues with torque steer since it is a front-wheel-drive monster, but the owner says it turns properly. According to Sean, the driver just “needs to know how to balance it.”

Visually, the red auto is evidently a dud. Despite the fact that much skill and imaginativeness was utilized in its construction, the venture represented an expense of around twenty thousand Australian dollars. That being said, it’s not that much of an outlay for a pocket-size dynamo like this.

Sadly, the video does not display the car’s activity while racing on the course. On the other hand, Sean’s Instagram contains an impressive footage of the car competing provocatively at the Lakeside International Raceway.

At its remarkable 2023 World Time Attack event, a staggering 1:00.66 lap was achieved with this Australian SR20 Micra. Astonishingly, this was faster than the Golf R MK6’s 1:00.81 rocked up at the same circuit. Only the Toyota GR Corolla’s tiny brother – the GR Yaris, in addition to a McLaren Senna and slick-featuring Radical SR3 RS – were capable of surpassing this remarkable vehicle.

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