$5,500 Pontiac Solstice: Track Day Terror

Confidence: Earn Your Own Roof.

A Miami man is selling his Pontiac Solstice exo car on Facebook Marketplace, and he’s asking just $5,500 for the vehicle or will accept trade-ins. If you’re not familiar with exo cars, you could describe it as “sketchy”. That’s a fair assessment, as these cars are designed to maximize power-to-weight ratio while sacrificing other features.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, “exo cars” refer to cars that have been stripped down to their bare metal and fitted with a tubular frame – a design inspired by Lotus’ philosophy of simplicity and lightness.

The same mind-set is responsible for the development of the Ariel Atom while also creating a 500-horsepower Exocet Mazda Miata.

The real tug is that you don’t get all that much for your money. This Solstice does not come with a roof. Besides that, the large body changes to these cars also impact on their sturdiness as well as leaving them without carefully designed crumple zones.

The upside to this Solstice is that it is a lot lighter than the usual weight of 2,908 lbs. This major reduction in weight gives the car sharper manoeuvrability and improved brake capabilities, as well as greater fuel efficiency.

Going back to the reference previously provided, the foundation of this particular build rests upon an American-made Solstice model. It wasn’t necessarily a higher tier quality vehicle compared to its Mazda Miata counterpart; primarily because it was outfitted with a weak 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that lacked the oomph to be considered truly sporty.

This vehicle is displaying 61,000 miles on its odometer and the indicator light is lit up. This might be the result of some missing detectors within the car.

The images make it clear that this automobile has been modified with a supplementary air intake, an enlarged backwind spoiler, and some outside lamps. Its interior shows the standard Solstice simulated-wood trim paired with light brown leather seating. Keeping its factory side mirrors, glass windshield, and wipers makes its exterior look otherwise unaltered.

The automobile would appear to be legal for the road, yet certain people might experience greater tranquility with an auto created to be light from the birth. There are few better options than a Mazda Miata, yet if you seek something exclusive, middle 2000 Lotus Elises are at an asking price between $35K-$45K.

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