760-HP BMW M4: Better Than CSL?

Modified BMW M4: Ready to Take on Any Exotic

Owning a BMW M4 CSL is quite a rare opportunity, as only 1,000 units are available worldwide. That’s why the Russian tuning company Ramon Performance has developed the “Ultra M4” – also known as the BMW M4 R750 – as an attempt to surpass the capabilities of the lightweight vehicle. The car features an Akrapovic exhaust system and is sure to make an impression.

The external and interior details of this BMW M4 mimic what you will find on the M4 CSL (aside from the backseats), comprising the grill and yellow DRLs. Scan carefully and you will observe lots of carbon fiber adorning various areas, such as in the engine compartment which is full of the lightweight substance.

Akrapovic BMW M4 R750 - New Ultra M4 from Ramon Performance

Speaking of the motor, Ramon Performance reconfigured the 3.0-liter in-line six to deliver 760 horsepower and an overwhelming 697 lb-ft torque. These outcomes surpass what the BMW M4 CSL is capable of generating. Boasting such a great deal of power, the BMW M4 R750 can accelerate from 0-60 mph in a mind-boggling 2.4 seconds.

Nevertheless, Ramon Performance’s capabilities don’t end there; it is capable of continuing its ferocious onslaught, achieving 124 mph after a further 5.0 seconds. Its maximum speed is listed as 211 mph – if you look away for even an instant, it would be long gone.

Similiar to the unmodified BMW M4, the Ramon rendition is outfitted with an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission featuring manual mode shifted with paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Before, we have highlighted the advantages of Steptronic gearbox and its skill in dealing with all this power, needing no extra adjustments.

Undeniably, the Akrapovic exhaust is renowned for its captivating noise from whatever engine it is paired with. At the middle of this video, you are able to experience the piercing sound made by the six cylinder with this Slovenian manufacturer’s incredible product.

It wasn’t explicitly stated, however we would assume that the M4 R750 has the capability to vie with the original: an abundance of composite material was utilized as evidence.

Tuners have forever been enamored with BMWs, eager to extract every bit of potency from them. Even the ultra-rare M4 CSL can undergo more work, yet kudos must be directed to the Russian tuner for their magnificently constructed construct.

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