78 Pontiac Trans Am: Classic Cruiser Near Perfection

The Legendary ’78 Trans Am

Envision yourself taking the helm of a 70s Trans Am with the famed Screaming Chicken decal floating atop its hood. This remarkable motor car is a marker of American history – as noted by Hemmings on YouTube – which is nestled securely among the nation’s most beloved likes such as baseball and apple pie.

They have returned with a freshly released video that highlights one of the most distinguished automobiles of the 70s – the ’78 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. This clip does not include an ordinary Trans Am, according to Hemmings; it’s the finest one.

This classic automobile, vested with two distinct code-terms – WS6 and W72 – is a sublime option for reviving all the excitement of seventies American culture, while still propelling you to respectable speeds.

4-SPEED THERAPY! 1978 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 W72 – The Silver Screen Favorite

In 1977, the second-generation of the renowned Trans Am was completely redesigned, making it famous all around the world due to its appearance in the movie “Smokey and The Bandit”. As the video explains, Gary Plowman is the owner of this classic car and he mentions that individuals purchased this vehicle as not many powerful options existed. With the introduction of difficult emissions and fuel standards during the 1970s, muscle cars started to suffer and when the revamped ’77 Pontiac Trans Am was released, it made waves throughout the Malaise period.

Mike Musto from Hemmings guides us through the ’78 Trans Am with the impressive WS6 system of handling and W72 engine. For better stability and control, the WS6 package consists of improved suspension systems, heavy-duty anti-roll bars, as well as fresh steering pieces and larger wheels. To top it off, the W72 code signifies that the classic car is bestowed with a 6.6-liter (400ci) V8 motor along with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

It yields an authorized 220 hp/300 lb-ft, however as Mike opines, Pontiac underestimated their motors, and the dyno usually reflects near 300 hp/350 lb-ft.

Mike stresses that the 4-speed manual transformation of the automobile, together with the more rigid parts of the handling package and the mighty engine create a trifecta which works in concert to generate a great ride when you want to take it slow or step on the accelerator.

In 2023, an investment in a costlier vintage automobile can prove to be a rewarding option.

The average value of a Trans Am from ’77 is estimated at $70,000, according to Classic.com’s auction stats. On the other hand, cars from the ’78 model year are of lesser worth, with Hagerty indicating an average of merely $25,000 for those equipped with a W72 engine.

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