89 Miles in 5 Min: Lotus EV Charger

Recharging 450 kW DC Battery in 20 Minutes

Farewelling internal combustion engines, the Lotus Emira sports car will be the final model from Norfolk of this type. Showing its commitment to electric only operations by 2028, Geely-owned Lotus has positioned an EV SUV and sedan in anticipation; namely, the Eletre, as well as a smaller crossover and zero-emission sports car. In order to accommodate the multifarious electrically charged models which are emerging, myriad charging solutions have been unveiled by the British marque.

To combat charging stress, Lotus has engineered a liquefied-cooled DC charger capable of supplying a battery at 450 kW. With the Eletre R model, you can enjoy approximately 88 miles of range in merely five minutes with its plug-in. For illustration, Tesla’s Supercharger V3 offers 75 miles of journey in the same length of time, whereas the Hyundai Ioniq 5 generates 62 miles.

The liquid-cooled DC fed charger empowers the Eletre R to ascend from 10% to 80% in only twenty minutes when charged at a consistent 450 kW. If the wattage drops to 350 kW, the range can be bolstered by 74 miles within five minutes. This mighty charger is supplemented by an equally robust power closet that is liquid-cooled, excellent for pause areas beside highways. Moreover, Lotus has constructed a charging unit equipped with the capability to service up to four electronic vehicles concurrently.

These ultra-potent energizing choices are already operational within China and will be introduced in Europe and the Middle East during the 2nd trimester of 2024. Additional nations from beyond these districts will be incorporated in due time.

Lotus, as part of Geely’s ever-expanding empire, has joined forces with Polestar to investigate a fast charging solution with StoreDot. This concept, labeled extreme fast charging (XFC) is still under test, and the team of engineers working on it assure that there won’t be any deteriorating effects to the battery, while promising 100 miles of range can be achieved in just five minutes.

Source: Lotus

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