of Neglect 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix Revives After 30 Years.

Rescued Grand Prix’ 6.4 V8 Roars Again!

This 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix, discovered in an abandoned barn, will not be defeated. Showcased on the Coppersmith Car Club YouTube channel, a new video depicts the car running for the first time since 1992. Going by that, it has been over three decades since this vehicle has driven any distance.

It appears to have been kept in good condition, with the paint mostly undamaged. The previous owner had already removed the interior and the car is ready for a full refurbishment.

What occurs when the key is rotated in this classic auto barn unearth after all these years? That’s something to behold. After all of its lengthy period neglected, the sound of the engine calling comes as a surprise. All those prospective problems and sticking points start fading away when the headlights come on and that famous sound echoes through the garage. All that can remain is a sense of relief, excitement, and an undertone of success for having accomplished what at one time seemed unthinkable. Finally, with everything in place, the ancient Galaxie 500 starts rolling, continuing the journey it began such a long while ago.

Barn find Pontiac coming back to life! We got it to run, now will it drive and will it stop?

Previously, the proprietor had accomplished in kickstarting the car; a minimal quantity of upkeep was required in order to stir up the renowned V8 growl from the Pontiac V8 motor.

This time, upon the second attempt, it is running more easily. Fuel is being drawn from a gas can so as to surmount the fuel lines and tank. The battery has been connected and placed atop the engine bay, and the front bumper is removed. Certainly, in such a dismantled state, this car is not yet ready to traverse any roads.

The interior of the vehicle has been entirely emptied out aside from the essential controls, and there is no seating. To drive the classic automobile, one must stand atop a plastic barrel; he only seeks to see if it will be able to travel a brief distance.

See the video to understand the owner’s approach to addressing and resolving the brake trouble, which is both engaging and instructive. Even with the braking system malfunctioning, they have found a reliable solution.

An additional issue has appeared; the fuel tank specifically has a leak that was not detected until the operator pressurized it with an air compressor. Blowing high-pressure air into the tank will expel any air indicating holes which could be observed from underneath.

He requires a fresh fuel tank as the existing one is leaking. Furthermore, it must also expel air, fuel and debris that have gathered around where it disconnected in the engine compartment.

It all appears to be drawing to a close, and the automobile eventually rolls forward several distances thanks to adequately operating stopping power. To restore an old-fashioned vehicle is a tedious and painstaking endeavor, but once this ’66 Pontiac Grand Prix project is finished, it should actually pay off.

An economical exemplary vehicle, the 1966 Grand Prix typically has a value of around $21,400 in ‘sound’ condition as ascertained by Hagerty. That is for the base model, furnished with a 389-Ci V8 ‘four barrel’ motor like this car. Originatin with the 333-hp, the 389-Ci V8 power rises to 376 hp for the High-Output, Tri-Power engine – also applicable in the Pontiac GTO.

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