Aftermarket Upgrades for Tesla Cybertruck’s Off-Roading

Upgrading Off-Road Accessories: Unplugged Performance

Right upon the recent launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck just a few days ago, Unplugged Performance – renowned tuners for the electric vehicle giant – have already rolled out a series of off-roading and overlanding aftermarket kits known as UP Invincible. These addition are sure to satisfy all diehard fans of the long-awaited Tesla truck.

A lot of anticipation greeted the unveiling of the Cybertruck four years ago, yet what turned out to be delivered fell somewhat short. For those daring enough to face up to the rocky trails with their stainless-steel pick-up, Unplugged Performance’s aftermarket kits could be the ideal solution for early adopters intent upon improving the abilities of their electric truck.

Unplugged Performance has it all, from mechanical upgrades to off-roading accessories like the 50-inch LED light bar at a cost of $1,995. For those who want to take their vehicle to the next level, the 2.5-inch lift kit is offered for $9,995, enabling you to navigate off-road terrain without damaging the “ultra-hard, stainless steel” exoskeleton.

The enterprise based in California has a handful of shield packages on the market, that include a steel front guard ($2,995), back guard with trailer hitch recipient ($3,995), carbon fiber wheel-arches ($2,850), rocker boards with carbon steel ($2,795), underside armor ($2,295) plus a carbon steel front bull bar ($1,995).

In October last year, Unplugged Performance unleashed a range of beadlock wheels for the Tesla Model Y. Subsequently, they assured that the same would also be available for the Cybertruck. Measuring 20 inches in diameter, this cast beadlock wheel & BF Goodrich All-Terrain tread combination ranges from $2,252.75 to a higher price based on the finish and tires of your choice.

The UP Invincible package comes with a plethora of other great components and accessories, like alloy forged rims (beginning at $1,398.75), the roof rack selection ($1,395), disc brakes (starting at $1,195) as well as brake cushions ($395), a full set of brake lines($295), side Molle plugs ($995), linkers for rapid dissociation between the front and back sway bars ($325-425), wheel spreaders ($155), a platform for bed storage ($100) and a Starlink Starship mount ($75).

“The UP Invincible range is intended to embolden Cybertruck owners, equipping them with the means to tackle the most demanding landscapes, embark on remarkable journeys, and augment the inherent abilities of the Cybertruck,” said Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance. With this collection, owners will be able to take their vehicle further than ever before, exploring new horizons and discovering new possibilities.

“At UP Invincible, we are proud of our reputation for providing high-performance racing suspension and brake upgrades. Now, we are taking that same DNA and applying it to the Cybertruck to reach unprecedented heights and create an unparalleled driving experience.”

Unplugged Performance announced that their entire inventory will be released by the beginning of 2024. Furthermore, they are expecting to make their off-road packages available at the start of this month.

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