Tesla Cybertruck Ready for Off-Road Thrills

Lifting Vehicle 19.5 Inches: $10,000 Cost.

The immense customizability of the Tesla Cybertruck is something that the EV developer was aware of from the get-go. Subsequently, they have created a broad selection of add-ons for their trapezoid-shaped electric pickup truck.

Nevertheless, Tesla isn’t the sole company striving to mint money from those who have a Cybertruck and want it to be even more distinguishable. Unplugged Performance — being one of the top Tesla aftermarket specialists — has exposed its assortment of additions for the vehicle, aptly christened as UP Invincible.

Specifically crafted for the Cybertruck, Unplugged Performance has constructed accessories to enhance the electric truck’s potential in a range of tough terrains. These off-road and overlanding components aim to render this vehicle more sturdy and qualified to tackle any circumstance.

The variety of the selection is vast, ranging from robust steel bumpers and rock rails, carbon fiber body covers, powerful LED light bars, lift kits, fresh tires particularly one specifically intended beadlock wheel, underside armor, inventive bedding stowage systems, MOLLE wall structures, and lots more.

Unplugged Performance declared that its whole range of products will be made obtainable in early 2024, although a restricted amount of certain products will be sent out beginning December for those wanting to get their hands on the new Cybertruck earlier.

Perusing the catalogue of components featured on Unplugged Performance’s site, one will see that the most costly addition carries a hefty price tag—$9,995 in fact. This 2.5-inch lifting kit leads to an impressive 19.5 inches of ground clearance, nearly two inches more than the factory configuration of 17 inches. The supplier emphasizes that this modification preserves the original air suspension capabilities and optimized suspension geometry, while still getting better approach, departure, and break-over angles.

Guaranteed to pique the interest of 4×4 enthusiasts, the chassis-mounted durable and resilient bumpers fashioned from high tensile strength carbon steel are indeed worth a peek. Retailing for a price of $3,995, these rear bumpers have properties that enhance take-off angles and come complete with a robust trailer hitch receiver, Hi-Lift jack points, rescue points along with LED Flood Lights.

The forepanel sells for $2,995 and incorporates two 11-inch LED lamps, integrated Hi-Lift jack spots, and retrieval apts; it is claimed to elucidate the point of entry as well.

The Tesla Cybertruck can be augmented by front and rear carbon fiber fenders,which retail for $2,895. Constructed with resilient pre-preg carbon fiber enhanced with Kevlar, these flares expand the car’s width by 1.18 inches (30 millimeters) on each side without compromising features such as the camera systems or charging station. As a bonus, the magnetic charging port cover is fitted with an integrated bottle opener!

Inaccessible to overlook extras incorporate the carbon fiber hood set-up with a 50-inch LED light bar, priced at $1,995; a hefty obligation front bull bar for another $1,995; and an intense obligation rooftop rack ($1,995) alongside tough rock sliders costing $2,795.

The unnoticeable details that will offer the possessor greater assurance when overcoming rough terrain is a protective steel undercarriage ($2,295), composed of hefty steel plates in a multiple-segment ridged format.

Unplugged Performance is exploring the possibility of providing police and military vehicles derived from their Cybertruck models via its UPFit branch. At present, there is no specific information regarding such versions, however.

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