Stranded Tesla Cybertruck Endures 6 Mile Reverse Trek After Bolts Shear on Off-Roading Adventure

Limit Reached: Cybertruck Pushed to the Edge During King of the Hammers Weekend

During the highly anticipated King of the Hammers event in California, Unplugged Performance, a well-known workshop specializing in enhancing Tesla vehicles, decided to test their Cybertruck. However, their experience was met with an unexpected setback. Behind the wheel was driver Craig Coker, who encountered a broken steering bolt on the rear suspension. This may seem like a minor issue, but it caused the steering wheel to constantly veer off course while driving forward. As a result, Coker had no other option but to navigate in reverse. It took nearly an hour to travel six miles of rugged terrain before finally reaching camp for necessary repairs.

Photos shared on Twitter (displayed below) depicted the Cybertruck halted with one of its back wheels at an unbalanced angle, entirely detached while being serviced, or with a temporary toe strap serving as a make-shift connection to aid its movement in the desert. The situation was not helped by a sticker boasting the words “Invincible,” which happens to be the moniker for Unplugged Performance’s selection of altered Cybertruck components, prominently displayed on its side.

It is uncertain if the event indicates any potential problems with the car itself. In a message, Coker maintained an optimistic attitude towards the situation.

According to Coker, the Cybertruck surpassed his initial expectations in numerous aspects.

The bolt serves as an original component of the truck and is responsible for its rear steering capabilities. The specific vehicle being discussed has been enhanced with altered fenders, a prototype sway bar from Unplugged Performance, and beadlock wheels fitted with 35-inch Yokohama Geolander all-terrain tires as confirmed by the company. The suspension remains unaltered.

Coker stated that a thorough examination of the issue will take place in the upcoming days. Unplugged Performance released a statement on Twitter (shown below), stating that the breakage of one bolt does not concern them at all and they have no hesitation in pushing even harder in the future.

Mishaps are a frequent occurrence in this terrain. The Johnson Valley off-road vehicle (OHV) zone, home of the King of the Hammers event, is infamous for its harshness. It is not rare to encounter even thoroughly equipped vehicles stranded or with deflated tires on the edges of its many paths. Coker stated that the Cybertruck had conquered sand, mud, and rocky landscape without any issues before the mishap took place. This was corroborated by videos showing him scaling steep slopes and conquering sand dunes at considerable speeds. Another individual owner of a Cybertruck likewise joined the expedition and has yet to report encountering any difficulties.

Despite its claims, the Cybertruck will undoubtedly receive constant skepticism from both critics and members of the off-roading world. On the Tesla website, the truck is boasted as a vehicle that is “tough and robust enough to conquer any terrain,” a bold statement for an all-electric pickup truck that weighs over 6,500 pounds. While these promises may seem impressive, the Cybertruck will have to truly earn its reputation.

Unplugged Performance is committed to providing a video summary of the thrilling off-roading experience that awaits. However, the company assures that their testing endeavors are still ongoing.

In a text message, Coker exclaimed, “Am I willing to bring CT back for another round at [King of the Hammers]? Absolutely!”

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