AI-Crafted Art: Lexus Transforms Configurators

Lexus Creates Visualization Tool for Dream SUV

For many years, the online configurator has been the most popular way for people to view their vehicles before purchase. Now, Lexus is taking it to the next level with Artificial Intelligence – enabling buyers to imaginatively see their car in their own lives, as if it were a work of art. At the upcoming 2023 New York International Auto Show, visitors will be able to craft artistic portrayals of the new RX 350 and RZ 450e SUVs, thus demonstrating Lexus’ dedication to utilizing technology to more effectively connect with customers.

At this point in time when the digital world has found itself unexpectedly within the four-wheeled vehicle industry, Lexus patrons have the opportunity to place their pick of the SUV lineup into another galaxy – or any scene they can think of. These creations then appear on a gigantic 98-inch display and visitors may even email themselves a copy of their work.

“At the New York International Auto Show, Lexus is showcasing its commitment to creative, innovative ways of connecting with its guests through Generative AI technology,” said Vinay Shahani, VP of Marketing for the brand. “This experience provides attendees the chance to envision what it would be like to have the RX and RZ as part of their daily lives and dreams.”

By simply employing text information, a Generative AI design can craft artistic and photorealistic impressions of those inputs. This model has been educated with over 500 photos of individual vehicles in order to guarantee that the creations accurately depict the specified vehicle.

“Generative AI is a relatively novel area for many companies, and we are thrilled to collaborate with the Lexus marketing team and use this technology to cultivate strong relationships with our customers,” commented Shravanthi Denthumdas from Toyota Connected North America (TCNA).

TCNA is a technologically advanced centre situated in Texas. They are well-known for their innovation over time; an example of this being their Cabin Awareness idea which works with 4D imaging radar technology. This system recognizes when either a pet or child has been inadvertently left in a hot car and then alerts either their owners or passerby, onsetting measures to help the situation.

Lately, Lexus and other automakers have been attempting to explore the potential of virtual reality (VR), with Bentley leading the way by introducing an expanded reality designer. In addition, Rimac has partnered with Nvidia, a software producer, to create its virtual configuration that includes 3D displays.

Developing a work of art may well be viewed as a trick and likely won’t incite extra individuals to buy a Lexus; however, the technology in the current models from this luxury brand may. We recently drove the new RZ electric crossover which highlighted its plush inner warmth and astonishingly successful Steer by Wire setup with a yoke – a risk taken on by Lexus despite the disapproval Tesla has endured for their corresponding style.

Attendees of the New York Auto Show who are eager to experience the Generative AI Technology at the Lexus booth can do so from the 7th to 16th of April.

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