Alfa Romeo Unveils Brennero SUV: Geek Style

GPS Coordinates of Brenner Pass Revealed

Alfa Romeo has been steadily releasing subtle hints about their upcoming small crossover, and this might be the most significant one yet. In a post on social media, the company shared a brief video clip with the caption: “Maybe we’ve known it all along.” This could be in reference to the speculation that the B-segment SUV will be named “Brennero”. The video also contained several GPS coordinates, one of which appears to confirm the model’s name.

Whilst GPS coordinates target the Arese Museum, Balocco Circuit and the Stelvio Pass, the fourth coordinates points to the Brenner. Spanning slightly over 30 miles, this is regarded as one of the lowest Alpine crossings beginning at Sterzing in Northern Italy and finishing off in Innsbruck (capital of Tyrol in western Austria). It would make sense for Alfa Romeo’s tailor-made Tonale and Stelvio automobiles to carry on with this tradition based on the same concept, seeing as how their names are taken from alpine passes in the Alps.

Scheduled to arrive in the early months of 2024, Alfa Romeo’s upcoming baby crossover will be similar in design to the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600. Both of these models predominantly come with an electrical setup, however, alternate options exist that include a three-cylinder, mild-hybrid petrol motor. Brennero is set to be the marque’s inaugural EV, and we’ve employed some digital mocking-up to get a speculated image of its external appearance. This adaptation was based on released images believed to reveal its actual look; as such, it probably won’t differ too much from our artwork.

Stellantis have declared that the subsequent-generation Giulia and Stelvio are both going to be all-electric – commencing with the Brennero. Envisioned for North America, a giant electric SUV is also being produced with an aerodynamic design. Moreover, the marvellous 33 Stradale supercar can be obtained as an emission-free option instead of the customary V6 version.

Source: Alfa Romeo

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