Alfa Romeo Names New Crossover: Brennero

Three Years – Time Flies!

In a mysterious announcement on Instagram, Alfa Romeo verified the name of its imminent crossover vehicle: Brennero. This has been the subject of conjecture since 2020, however, this time it was declared in an intriguing way. The IG post reveals four distinct coordinates, each exhibiting an attribute of the upcoming car.

There is festivity in the air for Alfa Romeo’s Museo Storico, portending that the forthcoming automobile will be resplendent enough to be featured in a museum. Furthering these magnanimous expectations, Balocco Proving Ground is where Stellantis anticipates ensuring impressive manoeuvring dynamics. To demonstrate these driving abilities, they shall be tested amidst the real world of the renowned Stelvio Pass.

At last, the ultimate collection of coordinates steer us to the Brennero Station situated close to the famous Brenner Pass, therefore affirming that which had been dubious for a long while.

A post recently shared by the Alfa Romeo account was received positively by their followers. The luxury carmaker created a lot of excitement with their show of appreciation for all their loyal customers. All those adoring fans experienced contentment and admiration thanks to the laundry list of amazing benefits of being a part of the Alfa family. This expression of gratefulness for the support of those who have continued to stay true to their brand is greatly appreciated.

It is befitting that the moniker of Stelvio and Tonale be emblazoned upon a fresh, tall crossover as it could potentially provide a robust boost in sales for Alfa Romeo. This forthcoming vehicle won’t necessitate significant investment as it would be essentially an identical Antonio Replica with a Fiat 600 clone, which has also been marketed as the Jeep Avenger.

Neither of these two cars is going to the United States, though the concept of a small, electric crossover could be more pleasing to Americans if it was an Alfa Romeo. A reveal is predicted sometime in the beginning of 2024.

Alfa Romeo will be unveiling their first-ever electric vehicle, the Brennero, however they also still provide mild-hybrid variations such as the 600 and Avenger. Last June, Alfa subtly prodded the public into speculating the moniker of this secret project (that internally was referred to as ‘Project Kid’)– yet presumably, the automaker had already decided on a name long before they asked for input!

If the newest Alfa Romeo teaser is any sign, the revised Brennero should have an overall style similar to the Tonale, although we anticipate some growth in order to demonstrate to spectators that this is an electric automobile. As the facts become available to us, we’ll keep you notified.

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