American Fans: Meet the Baby Alfa Romeo SUV

Previous U.S. Name: Reused?

Alfa Romeo has now partaken in an official declaration concerning the title of its forthcoming crossover; it will be deemed the Alfa Romeo Milano. This name is a recognition to the metropolis of Milan; the birthplace of the company since 1910. Any enthusiasts of Alfa Romeo living in the USA may reflect fondly on the past, when the 75 was sold in North America using the same designation. Nevertheless, there is little expectation that the Milano will take any design aspects from the 75. This confirmation puts an end to all former theories that the car’s moniker would be the Brennero, which had been sowed by Alfa Romeo’s previous teaser.

No images of the Milano have been revealed yet (besides the CarBuzz renderings below), but Alfa Romeo has declared it to be a “Sport Urban Vehicle”. It is known that the Alfa Romeo will share a platform with the European Jeep Avenger, and unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that the Milano will be available for sale in the United States. The Milano will be smaller than the Alfa Romeo Tonale, which is already considered too small by American standards.

of torque.Despite the fact that there is no visual of the Milano yet, it is not surprising that the powertrain details are also scarce. Alfa Romeo has affirmed that the Milano “will also be accessible in a 100% electric version,” suggesting that there will be a gasoline or hybrid version too. It can be assumed that the Milano will have powertrains similar to the Avenger, with a 1.2-liter turbo three-cylinder engine combined with a hybrid system, with an output of 155 horsepower and 177 lb-ft. of torque.

The electric version of the Avenger model should be fitted with a 53 kWh battery, powering one driving motor at the front end that produces 154 horsepower and 192 foot-pounds. According to WLTP ratings, the automobile’s range stretches up to 250 miles, however the EPA cycle indicates it is slightly lower, coming in at a distance of 223 miles.

“In all honesty, the inclusion of a hybrid model here is pushing Alfa Romeo’s promises to the limit of believability,” said Larry Dominique, head of the Alfa Romeo brand in North America. “The next vehicle that comes after Tonale is a BEV,” he previously stated. “And everything we introduce after that point is BEVs, starting in 2025.” While technically not a lie, this isn’t an entirely accurate representation either.

“We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Milano in 2024,” said Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo. “This is a symbolic ‘welcome back’ to all our Alfisti fans, who have been waiting to confirm their love for the brand, and a ‘welcome’ to anyone looking for a unique and sporty experience combined with the distinctive beauty of Italian design. Milano is the first step in our transition to electric vehicles, and it will help strengthen Alfa Romeo’s global presence, just like the Tonale.” He continued, “With Milano joining the line-up, we are able to meet the desires of all our enthusiasts and more.”

In April 2024, Alfa Romeo will be unveiling its newest model, the Milano.

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