All-New Dodge Charger: See It Now!

2024 Release of Dodge Announced

Dodge has launched a festive promotional advert to give us the greatest look yet at the up-and-coming muscle car, albeit with an animated layout. The newly unveiled clip is providing spectators with an insight into what they can anticipate from the imminent Charger.

The automobile is briefly glimpsed in the production ‘Think Twice’ and also contained in the volume ‘Santa’s Naughty List: An Origin Story.’ Dodge is maintaining its vintage styling for the next-gen red-colored Charger with a chiselled nose, hood protuberances, and brawny curves that progress to the backside of the auto.

If its size remains the same, we predict that the Charger Coupe will be fairly bulky, equipping a commodious backseat. However, it’s far from certain that this is the automobile we will end up cruising around in dealerships.

The outline of the vehicle is comparable to the leaked body-in-white from some months ago. Nevertheless, there are some disparities between this and the Daytona concept. Whereas the electric show car boasted a slender lightbar illuminating the edges of the false grille, the produced version looks likely to be featuring more commonplace circular headlights. Judging by the measurements of the front door, seems to be that this could be a sedan with concealed back door handles.

The contrast between the new model and its predecessor is clear; larger side-view mirrors, as well as a softened front bumper that still maintains a sporty effect, add to the vehicle’s allure. Unfortunately, there have been no images revealed of the back of the car yet, leaving us in the dark about any sporting of the conventional Dodge badging or the rebooted Fratzog logo. It appears Dodge intends to keep things under wraps for the time being, as only a few details have been disclosed thus far – the fact that V8 engine is not an option being one of them. Nevertheless, motorists can be confidently reassured that the electric variation will come in diverse power setups, along with upgrade possibilities among different performance levels.

With no V8s in the line-up, Stellantis has installed its new Hurricane straight-six powerplants in the fresh Charger. Don’t forget that this engine is made available in two distinct configurations – Standard Output producing 400 bhp and 450 lb-ft of twist, and High Output good for 500 horse and 475 lb-ft.

Though it’s encouraging, enthusiasts who enjoy the Hellcat and SRT offerings will expect even more power. Fortunately, Stellantis has confirmed that a stronger engine is currently in progress. This is likely to be an added choice for the high tiers of both the Charger running on ICEs, and the substitute for the beloved TRX, RAM RHO.

Let us not fail to remember that a substitute for the Chrysler 300, founded on the Charger, is due to arrive shortly.

“The highly anticipated arrival of the Charger is almost here, with the video announcing that it will be available in ‘late 2024.’ We won’t have to wait much longer before this incredible new vehicle is available on the market!”

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